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Discogs Music Database*

Tune Find for TV Soundtracks!!!*

Metal Music Archives*

Rockin' Country Songs (alphabetical listing)*

20's Jazz*

45 Catalogue Discography*

45 RPM Records Discography

Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Discography of American Historical Recordings*

The Red Hot Jazz Archive

Jazz Discography Project

Music Licensing information*

Marv Goldberg's R&B Notebooks*

Music Map - find new artists you WILL like!

Billboard Magazine from 1919 and beyond

The Rock & Country Encyclopedia & Discography

Small Independent Rockin' 45RPM Labels

Video Jukebox (oldies and beyond)

A list of Fake Bands (usually from television)

*Answer Songs!

Find a song you like and PLAY it now!

Pop Charts for example, 2009

All Billboard Magazines

Top 10 Songs By Year from Billboard

History of Rock Songs of 1954-1963

Secondhand Songs (an archive of cover sons)

Cover Songs On The Charts

Covers and Re-Makes of Songs

Gnoosic suggests other artists you would like.

SoundtrackNet: Film and Television - mostly film scores but includes song length, author, and availability

Internet Movie Database For Soundtracks

All Record Labels

100 Greatest House Songs

Musicians United For Songs In The Classroom

Download DooWop Songs to your computer for free.

Pop Culture Madness - top songs by year

This Day In Music & other lists

Novelty and Comedy Recordings - MP3's

Dr. Demento Comedy Songs Playlists

K-Tel Record Compilations from 1973 - 1984

Exhaustive Christian Music Discography

Song Meanings Website

Folk Artists

Hebrew Music

Campfire Songs

Sue's Song Book (for sing-a-longs)

Oz Net Music Chart -Number One Hit Singles of 1960

Cash Box Top Singles -by week

TOP 40 LYRICS by Song

TOP 40 LYRICS by year

Canadian Music Charts


80's songs covered

Blues Access - Record Labels and Blues Artists

American Popular Folk SongsThis site is great! If you want to have a sing-a-long, this is THE place to go.

Dr. Demento A-Z -He has it all, but this page shows songs in print.

Internet Radio Stations - Let your computer play your favorite stations with no commercials.

John Dada's Exotiquarium - a list of albums and compilations that fall under his category called "exotica."

The Dark Side Of The Rainbow -Pink Floyd vs. Wizard Of Oz

All Music Guide (AMG) - Biographies and Discographies

Rap Dictionary -

Rock Archives On The Web -

100 Greatest Moments In Rock -

Search 14 Million Rare Music CDs and Vinyl Records at MusicStack

The Opinion Guide - music and other stuff

FIQL Music Chart Websites

WLIR Playlists and History of Alternative Music

Musicians in the Classroom - Lyrics for Learning

Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Hip Hop Real Names

America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC)

The Piano Parlour

Saturday Night Live Musical Guests


TV Scripts

More TV Scripts

Vegetable List and Nutrient Food Label For Each

What Animal Sounds Are Called

The Devil's Dictionary -Dictionary with controversial words and poetry from turn of the century

Response Hotline -Counseling, Resources for mental health, abuse, pregnancy, etc...

Free E-Books -Read on line: Oscar Wilde, The Bible, etc...

Cheat Code Central -Video Game secrets!

Good List Of Links -Dictionaries and other stuff.

Anyday In History -Click on a day and see what happened in history.

TV GUIDE -Get your TV listings for today.

PHOBIA LIST -They have all the phobia names you have been looking for.

Palindrome List -(Read them forward or backward!)

Urban Legends & Rumours -Looking for the truth? Do not believe what you read. Come here to search for the facts. -Read your favorite newspaper comics: Born Loser, Andy Capp, Peanuts, Lil' Abner, B.C., For Better Or For Worse, etc...

Babelfish -Translate from other languages.

Brain Candy ListsLists of jokes, insults, deep questions, quotes, etc...

World Time Server -What time is it in your time zone?

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