"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Berry, Chuck - "Almost Grown" 2:19 (American Graffiti trk//Home Alone 3 trk) chess//mca//hwd 1959 Chuck Berry r-Lovin' Spoonful
Berry, Chuck - "Anthony Boy" chess 1959
Berry, Chuck - "Around And Around" 1958 2:35 r-Abandoned, Rolling Stones
Berry, Chuck - "Back In The U.S.A." 2:25 chess 1959 r-MC5, Jonathan Richman/Modern Lovers
Berry, Chuck - "Back To Memphis" Chuck Berry r-Alvin Youngblood Hart, The Band
Berry, Chuck - "Beautiful Delilah" 2:08 chess 1958
Berry, Chuck - "Betty Jean" 1959
Berry, Chuck - "Broken Arrow" 1959
Berry, Chuck - "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" 2:17 (Too Much Monkey Business single) chess 1956 r-Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash rrw/Robert Clay
Berry, Chuck - "Butterscotch"
Berry, Chuck - "Bye Bye Johnny" 2:30 chess 1960
Berry, Chuck - "Carol" 2:46 chess//rhn 1958 Chuck Berry r-Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors
Berry, Chuck - "Childhood Sweetheart" 1959
Berry, Chuck - "Club Nitty Gritty"
Berry, Chuck - "Come On" 1961 1:50 chess r-Rolling Stones
Berry, Chuck - "Crying Steel" instrumental
Berry, Chuck - "Dear Dad" (The Chess Box) chess//mca 1965
Berry, Chuck - "Go Bobby Soxer" 1964
Berry, Chuck - "Hail! Hail! Rock 'N' Roll" (Hail! Hail! Rock'N'Roll) //charly 1957
Berry, Chuck - "Havana Moon" 3:05 (The Chess Box) chess//mca 1956 Chuck Berry ("Me all alone") r-Carlos Santana
Berry, Chuck - "Have Mercy Judge" (Back Home/The Chess Box) chess//mca 1970
Berry, Chuck - "Hellbound Train" r-George Thorogood
Berry, Chuck - "Hoochie Coochie Man, (I'm Your)"
Berry, Chuck - "I Got To Find My Baby" 1959 r-The Beatles
Berry, Chuck - "I Love You" 1971
Berry, Chuck - "I Want To Be Your Driver" 1965 2:15 chess
Berry, Chuck - "I Will Not Let You Go" 1971
Berry, Chuck - "I'm Talking About You" 1961 1:48 chess
Berry, Chuck - "I'm Through With Love"
Berry, Chuck - "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man"
Berry, Chuck - "In The Wee Wee Hours (I Think Of You)"
Berry, Chuck - "It Wasn't Me" r-George Thorogood
Berry, Chuck - "Jaguar And Thunderbird"
Berry, Chuck - "Jamaica Farewell" 1965
Berry, Chuck - "Johnny B. Goode" 2:38 (Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of '50s Rock comp/American Graffiti trk) chess//rhn//mca 1957 Chuck Berry
Berry, Chuck - "Johnny B. Goode" 2:38 1958 Chuck Berry r-Grateful Dead, Earthlings?, Johnny Winter, George Baker, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Beatles rrw/Julian Lennon
Berry, Chuck - "Let It Rock" 1:50 chess 1959 r-Bob Seger note-sounds like Johnny B. Goode part 2
Berry, Chuck - "Let's Boogie" 1971
Berry, Chuck - "Little Marie" 2:34 chess 1964
Berry, Chuck - "Little Queenie" 2:38 chess 1958 r-Billy Rat And The Finks, Rolling Stones
Berry, Chuck - "Living In The U.S.A." chess 1959
Berry, Chuck - "London Berry Blues" 1971
Berry, Chuck - "Lucille" specialty 1957
Berry, Chuck - "Maybellene" 2:18 (Wee Wee Hour single 78/Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of '50s Rock comp) chss//rhn 1955 a-'Ida Red'
Berry, Chuck - "Maybellene" 2:18 r-Elvis Presley, William Lee Ellis
Berry, Chuck - "Mean Old World" 1971
Berry, Chuck - "Memphis, Tennessee" chess 1956 r-The Faces, Al Green
Berry, Chuck - "Memphis" 2:12 (The Chess Box) chess//mca 1958 r-Grateful Dead, Faces, Beatles
Berry, Chuck - "Merry Christmas, Baby" (A Rhythm & Blues Christmas Vol 1 comp) chess//col 1958
Berry, Chuck - "Move It" r-George Thorogood
Berry, Chuck - "My Ding-A-Ling" 4:20 (London Sessions/The Chess Box/Dr. Demento 30th Anniversary comp) chs//mca 1972 Chuck Berry w/The Average White Band
Berry, Chuck - "My Ding-A-Ling" o-Dave Bartholomew r-Bees-'Toy Bell'
Berry, Chuck - "Nadine (Is It You?)" 2:31 (1964: Shakin' All Over comp) chess//time-life 1961 Chuck Berry r-New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Berry, Chuck - "No Money Down" (The Chess Box) chess//mca 1956
Berry, Chuck - "No Money Down" 1956
Berry, Chuck - "No Particular Place To Go" 2:44 (/Sgt. Bilko trk) chess//mca/univ 1964
Berry, Chuck - "Oh Baby Doll" 2:33 chess 1957
Berry, Chuck - "Oh What A Thrill"
Berry, Chuck - "Promised Land, The" 2:16 chess 1964 r-The Band, James Taylor
Berry, Chuck - "Reelin' And Rockin'" 3:14 chss 1957 Chuck Berry ("Rollin' till the break of dawn"/"I looked at my watch") r-Thorogood (Live) 1986, The Neatbeats
Berry, Chuck - "Rock And Roll Music" 1957 rrw/Etta James r-Beatles, Beach Boys
Berry, Chuck - "Rock'N'Roll Music" 2:30 (The Chess Box) chess//mca 1957 Chuck Berry ("If you want to dance with me") r-Beach Boys
Berry, Chuck - "Rockin' At The Fillmore" 1968
Berry, Chuck - "Rockit" chess 1979
Berry, Chuck - "Roll Over Beethoven" 2:23 (Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of '50s Rock comp) chess//rhn 1956 r-The Beatles
Berry, Chuck - "Rollin' And Rockin'" chess 1972
Berry, Chuck - "Round And Round" chess 1957
Berry, Chuck - "Route 66" (Cars trk) disney 2006
Berry, Chuck - "Run, Rudolph, Run" 2:42 (A Rhythm & Blues Christmas Vol 1 comp) chess//col 1958 Chuck Berry r-Jane Krakowski
Berry, Chuck - "Saint (St.) Louis Blues" 1965
Berry, Chuck - "School Day" 2:40 (The Chess Box/Home Alone 3 trk) chess/mca//hwd 1957 ("Ring ring goes the bell") r-The Simpsons a-'School Days'
Berry, Chuck - "School Days" (After School Session) 1957 r-AC/DC
Berry, Chuck - "Sweet Little Rock And Roller" 2:20 (Chuck Berry In Memphis) chss/mrc 1958 r-Richard Thompson
Berry, Chuck - "Sweet Little Sixteen" 2:20 chess 1958 r-The Beatles
Berry, Chuck - "Talkin' About You" ("I'm gonna talk"/"Talkin' about you") r-Rolling Stones, Hot Tuna
Berry, Chuck - "Thirty Days (To Come Back Home)" 2:24 chess 1955
Berry, Chuck - "Too Much Monkey Business" 2:53 chess 1956 r-The Satins, Sleepy LaBeef, Elvis Presley rrw/Linda Ronstadt
Berry, Chuck - "Too Pooped To Pop" chess 1960
Berry, Chuck - "Tulane" (Back Home) chess 1970
Berry, Chuck - "Wee Wee Hours" 3:02 (single 78/After School Session/Living The Blues: Blues Greats comp) chess//mca 1955 rrw/Eric Clapton
Berry, Chuck - "Worried Life Blues" 1960
Berry, Chuck - "You Can't Catch Me" 1955 2:42 chess r-Rolling Stones, John Lennon, Youngbloods
Berry, Chuck - "You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie)" 2:41 (Great Hits/Pulp Fiction trk) chess/mca 1964
Berry, Chuck - (Chuck Berry Onstage) chess 1963
Berry, Chuck - (St. Louis To Liverpool)
Berry, Chuck---
Chuck Berry #1
Chuck Berry #2
Chuck Berry #3
Berry, Dorothy - "Cryin' On My Pillow"
Berry, Dorothy - "You're So Fine" 1960's
Berry, Frederick - "Child Stars on Your Television" (Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star trk) hwd 2003 w/Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Jeff Conaway, Dustin Diamond, Corey Feldman...
Berry, Heidi - "Miracle" (single/Miracle) 4ad 1996
Berry, Heidi - "Moon And The Sun, The" (single/Heidi Berry) 4ad 1993
Berry, Heidi - (Below The Waves) 4ad 1989 Heidi Berry
Berry, Heidi - (Love) 4ad 1991
Berry, Heidi - (Pomegranate: An Anthology) 4ad 2001 Heidi Berry
Berry, Heidi---
Heidi Berry #1
Heidi Berry #2
Heidi Berry #3
Heidi Berry #4
Berry, Iris - (Life on the Edge in Stilettos) New Alliance 1995
Berry, Iris---
Iris Berry #1
Berry, Jan---
Jan Berry #1
Berry, Joe - "I'm A Fool To Care" smash 61
Berry, John - "She's Taken A Shine"
Berry, John - (All The Way To There) ark21 2001
Berry, John - (Enigma trk) Decca 2002
Berry, Mike & The Outlaws - "Don't You Think It's Time" (The Musical Adventures Of Joe Meek comp) kenwest 1994
Berry, Mike & The Outlaws - "My Baby Doll" (It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World Of Joe Meek comp) r&t 1995
Berry, Mike & The Outlaws - "Tribute To Buddy Holly" (The Musical Adventures Of Joe Meek comp/It's Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World Of Joe Meek comp) kenwest//r&t 1961
Berry, Richard - "Angel Of My Life" 1956
Berry, Richard - "Big Break, The" 1955
Berry, Richard - "Daddy Daddy" 1954 w/The Dreamers
Berry, Richard - "Have Love Will Travel" (single) 1957 Richard Berry w/The Pharaohs r-Black Keys
Berry, Richard - "Look Out Miss James" 1955
Berry, Richard - "Louie, Louie" 1956 w/The Pharaohs
Berry, Richard - "Mad About You" 1956
Berry, Richard - "Rock, Rock, Rock" (single) 1957 w/The Pharaohs
Berry, Richard - "Sweet Sugar You" (single) 1957 w/The Pharaohs
Berry, Richard - "What You Do To Me" 1954
Berry, Richard - "Yama Yama Pretty Mama" 1956
Berry, Robert - (The Wheel Of Time trk) magna carta 2001
Berry, Robert---
Berry, Robert #1
Berry, Robin Lee - "Hey Baby Hey" (Going Driftless: An Artist's Tribute To Greg Brown comp) redhouse 2002 o-Greg Brown
Berrycups, Terry Clinton - "Hurt By A Letter" (single) 1959
Berryhill, Cindy Lee - (Garage Orchestra) Earth Music-Cargo 1994
Berryhill, Cindy Lee - (Straight Outta Marysville) Earth Music-Cargo 1996
Berserk - "Blue Hearts" (Berserk) gokart
Berserk - "Giant Robots" (Berserk) gokart 2001
Berserk - "Inflation" (Berserk) gokart
Berserk #1
Berserk #2
Berserkers #1
Berserkers #2
Berserkr - "Dresden" 5:51 (Crush The Weak) 1996
Berserkr - "Iceman Has Risen, The" 5:40 (The Voice Of Our Ancestors) resistance 1994
Berserkr #1
Bersuit - "Madre Hay Una Sola" universal latino
Bert #1
Bertei, Adele - "Little Lives, Big Love" 4:14 (Little Lives/CMJ: Certain Damage Volume 9 comp) cry//cmj 1988 Adele Bertei
Bertha, Tillman, - "Oh My Angel"
Berthiaume, Susan - "Losing My Mind"
Berthiaume, Susan - "Spanish Harlem"
Berthiaume, Susan - "Very Thought Of You, The"
Bertignac, Louis - "Années Folles" (Bertignac Et Les Visiteurs) 1987 Louis Bertignac
Bertignac, Louis - "Muddy Waters Blues" (Live) 1998 Louis Bertignac live
Bertignac, Louis - "Oubliez-moi" (Elle Et Louis) 1993 Louis Bertignac
Bertignac, Louis - "Tout Le Monde Ment" (Rocks) 1990 Louis Bertignac w/Les Visiteurs
Bertignac, Louis---
Louis Bertignac #1
Bertine - "Apples and Diamonds"
Bertolla, Ivan---
Bertolla, Ivan #1
Bertolli, Pam - "End Of The Day, The"
Bertolli, Pam - "Ireland"
Bertoncini, Gene - (Acoustic Romance) Sons of Sound 2003
Bertrand, Hobo - "Starvation Waltz" (More Cajun Classics: Kings of Cajun comp) ace 1994 or-
Bertrand, Robert - "Mowater Blues" (More Cajun Classics: Kings of Cajun comp) ace 1994 or-
Bérurier Noir---
Bérurier Noir #1
Beryl Grady---
Beryl Grady #1
Berzerk - (Hot Curly Weenie Vol. 2 comp) recess 1999
Berzerk - (Theyaftame) recess 2000 a-(Theyreaftame)??
Berzerk - (This Silence Kills) recess 2001
Berzerk #1
BerZerk #2
Berzerker, The - (Dissimulate) earache 2002 a-(Dissumlate)??
Berzerker, The - (The Berzerker) earache 2001
Berzerker, The---
The Berzerker #1
Berzerkers - (Annihilation Blues ep) 1993
Berzerkers - (Cut Throat Words) berzerkers 2003
Berzum - swedish black metal - lead singer is Varg Vygernet real name is Kam Grishnak
Beseech - "Eagleheart"
Beseech - "Edge Of Life" (Sometimes Death Is Better comp) shiver Jorgen Sjoberg
Beseech - "Rainbowman"
Beseech - "Universe"
Beseech - (Black Emotion) pavement 2000
Beseech - (Souls Highway) napalm 2003
Beseech #1
Beseech #2
Beside The Point---
Beside The Point #1
Besides - uns 2002 Dan Naglia
Best Buy---
Best Buy #1
Best, Denzil - "Wee" r-The John Scofield Trio
Best Foot Forward---
Best Foot Forward #1
Best Friend Josh---
Best Friend Josh #1
Best Kissers In The World - "Miss Teen U.S.A." 93
Best Kissers In The World - "Pickin' Flowers For" 3:28 (Puddin'ep) mca 1993 Gerald Collier p-Supersuckers
Best, Pete---
Pete Best #1
Best, Steve - "Way You Want It, The" 4:11 (Bop Boys! comp/DJ Chris Cox - 'Cox In The Mix' comp) interhit//megahit 2001 Steve Best
Best, The - (We Gotta Get Outa This Place/Best Of The Best split with The Gents) recorded publications co 1966
Best, The---
The Best #1
Bestial Warlust - "Orgy of Souls" 3:47 (Blackened 2 comp) p-Destroyer 666, Hobbs' Angel Of Death
Beston - "Your Dark Disquise" uns 1999
Besworth, Libbi - (Libbiville) ramble 2001
Beta Band, The - "Assessment" (Heroes To Zeros) regal/astralwerks 2004
Beta Band, The - "Beta Band Rap, The" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 1999 Stephen Mason
Beta Band, The - "Broken Up A Ding Dong" (Igby Goes Down film trk) uns 2002
Beta Band, The - "Cow's Wrong, The" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 1999 Stephen Mason
Beta Band, The - "Dance O'er The Border" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 2000
Beta Band, The - "Dry The Rain" (The 3 e.p.'s ep) 1998
Beta Band, The - "Easy Simple"
Beta Band, The - "Inner Meet Me"
Beta Band, The - "It's Not Too Beautiful" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 2000
Beta Band, The - "Number 15" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 2000 ("You bought it, you found it, you stole it, you sold it")
Beta Band, The - "Round The Bend" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 1999 Stephen Mason
Beta Band, The - "Sequensizer" Regal 2000 import
Beta Band, The - "She's The One" (Hotshots II) astralwerks 2001
Beta Band, The - "Smiling" (The Beta Band) astralwerks 2000
Beta Band, The - "Squares" (Rarewerks, Vol. 2 comp) astralwerks 2002
Beta Band, The - "To You Alone Sequensizer" (single) 2000
Beta Band, The - (Heroes To Zeros) 2005
Beta Band, The - (Rarewerks comp) astralwerks 2001
Beta Band, The - (Six Feet Under trk) Universal 2002
Beta Band, The---
The Beta Band #1
Beta Minus Mechanic - (Syracuse Hardcore 98-99 comp) watermark 2001
Betchadupa #1
Beth ---
Beth #1
Beth #2
Beth Lisick Ordeal, The - uns 1999
Beth Lisick Ordeal, The---
Beth Lisick Ordeal, The #1
Bethany Curve - (You Brought Us Here) unit circle 2001
Bethany Curve---
Bethany Curve #1
Bethany Curve #2
Bethany's Sin---
Bethany's Sin #1
Bethea The Masked Man & The Agents - "I Wouldn't Come Back" (Kent's Magic Touch comp) kent 1997 or-
Betherenow - "Stand By Me" 1997 ???
Bethistupidream - (Bethistupidream) Bethistupidream 2002
Bethlehem - (Thy Pale Dominion 7") Red Stream 1995
Bethlehem - (To Magic: A Label Compilation comp) prophecy 2000
Bethlehem ---
Bethlehem #1
Bethlehem Asylum - "Blind Man's Buff" (Bethlehem Asylum) ampex 1971
Bethlehem Asylum - "Child Of The Mountain" (single/Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum - "Earth" (Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum - "It's About" (Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum - "Ring My Bell" (single/Bethlehem Asylum) ampex 1971
Bethlehem Asylum - "Sailboat Ride" (Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum - "Sea Rider" (Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum - "Tales From The Citadel" (Bethlehem Asylum) ampex 1971
Bethlehem Asylum - "Talkin' 'Bout Love" (single/Commit Yourself) ampex 1970
Bethlehem Asylum---
Bethlehem Asylum #1
Bethlehem Exit, The - "Blues Concerning My Girl" (single/Pebbles, Vol 22 comp) jabberwock 1966
Bethlehem Exit, The - "Walk Me Out" (single) jabberwock 1966
Bethlehem Exit, The---
Bethlehem Exit #1
Bethlehem Exit #2
Bethlehem #1
Bethzaida - "Epistel nr. 30: Drick Ur DItt Glas" (War: Anata Vs. Bethzaida split) season of mist 2000 o-Frederik Bellman
Bethzaida - "Expulsion" (War: Anata Vs. Bethzaida split) season of mist 2000
Bethzaida - "Last Day Of Sodoma" (War: Anata Vs. Bethzaida split) season of mist 2000
Bethzaida - "Tranquility Of My Last Breath, The" r-Anata

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