"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Cam Farrar - "Wasted" 2003
Cam'Ron - "Down And Out" () Diplomats/Asylum 2006 w/Kanye West
Cam'Ron - "Hate Music" ('DJ Clue Presents: Backstage Mixtape' - Back Stage trk) 2000 w/Juelz Santana
Cam'Ron - "Hey Ma" (Blow) 2002 Cam'Ron w/Toya or Frekey Zeeky ("And we gonna get it on tonight")
Cam'Ron - "Leave Me Alone" (Blow) 2002 o-Tupac Shakur
Cam'Ron - "Oh Boy" (Blow/Come Home With Me) roc-a-fella/def jam 2002 Cam'Ron w/Juelz Santana
Cam'Ron - "ROC (Just Fire), The" (Blow) 2002 w/Memphis Bleek & Beanie Sigel
Cam'Ron - "Sweetness" (Red Star Sounds, Vol. 3: Def Jamaica comp) red star sounds 2003 Cam'Ron w/Buju Banton
Cam'Ron - "Touch It Or Not" diplomaticman/asy/atl 2006 Cam'Ron w/Lil Wayne
Cam'Ron - "Welcome To New York City" (Blow) 2002 w/Jay-Z
Cam'Ron - "What Means The World To You" (Urban Legends, Volume 1 [1990-2001] comp) epc 2000
Cam'Ron - (Def Jam Presents Music Inspired By ScarFace comp) defjam 2003
Cam'Ron - (Purple Haze) Roc-a-fella/Def Jam 2004
Cam'Ron - (Rush Hour trk) 1998
Camaro #1
Camaros, The - "I've Been Kind" 2002
Camarosmith - () deadteenager 2003 Ben 'Devil' Rew
Camarosmith #1
Camarosmith #2
Camber - "Hollowed-Out" (Hollowed-Out 7") deep elm 96
Camber - "Question Marks" (Hollowed-Out 7") deep elm 96
Camber - (Anyway, I've Been There) deep elm 2000
Camber - (Beautiful Charade) deep elm 97
Camber - (Wake Up And Be Happy) deepelm 2002
Cambodia - "Pulsedriver" (Future Sounds Of Trance 2 comp) 2002
Cambria - (Equal Vision Records Fall Sampler 2001 comp) equal vision 2002
Came, John---
Came, John #1
Cameflage - "What's Your Name" (Gotcha film trk) unr 1985
Camel - "Lady Fantasy" (Mirage)
Camel - "Pressure Points"
Camel - "Who We Are" ()
Camel #1
Camel #2
Camel #3
Camel #4
Camel #5
Camel #6

Camelboy #1
Camelot - "Follow Me" (Camelot trk) r-Blondie (Autoamerican)
Camelots, The [1] - "Chain Of Broken Hearts" (single/Want You To Dance Girl) relic 1960's
Camelots, The [1] - "Dance Girl" (Want You To Dance Girl)
Camelots, The [1] - "Don't Leave Me Baby" (The Letter single/Want You To Dance Girl/The Doo Wop Box II comp) crimson//cameo//rhn 1999 or-1960-1963
Camelots, The [1] - "Letter, The" (single) crimson
Camelots, The [1] - "Lulu" (Want You To Dance Girl)
Camelots, The [1] - "Music To My Ears" 1963
Camelots, The [1] - "Pocahontas" (single) ember
Camelots, The [1] - "Pocahontis" (Want You To Dance Girl)
Camelots, The [1] - "Searchin' For Baby" (Pocahontas single) ember
Camelots, The [1] - "Sunday Kind Of Love" (Want You To Dance Girl)
Camelots, The [1] - "Your Way" (Don't Leave Me Baby single) aanko
Camelots, The [2] - "Charge!" (Scratch single) comet
Camelots, The [2] - "Scratch" (single) comet
Camelots, The [3] - "Bug, The" (Bug Out Vol. 2) Barry Wilson a-Barry Wilson & The Camelots
Cameltoe - SEE C-Toe
Cameo - "Antidote" (Sexy Sweet Thing) univ 2000
Cameo - "Baby It's You" (Sexy Sweet Thing) univ 2000
Cameo - "Candy" ()
Cameo - "Find My Way" 4:57 (Thank God It's Friday trk) csb//chocolate city 1975
Cameo - "I Wake Up" (Sexy Sweet Thing) univ 2000
Cameo - "Sexy Sweet Thing" (Sweet Sexy Thing) private i 2000
Cameo - "She Wants Some More" (Sexy Sweet Thing) univ 2000
Cameo - "Time For Love" (Sexy Sweet Thing) univ 2000
Cameo - "Word Up!" (Word Up/FunkGASM: Funk's Greatest Hits comp) atl/pgm//repeat series 1986 Tomi Jenkins ("What's the word") r-Spice Girls, Gun, KoRn
Cameos, The - "Can You Remember"
Cameos, The - "Canadian Sunset"
Cameos, The - "Craving" 1955
Cameos, The - "I Remember When" 1960
Cameos, The - "Merry Christmas" (single) 1957
Cameos, The - "Only For You" (single) 1955
Cameos, The - "Please Love Me"
Cameos, The - "Wait Up" (Encyclopedia Of Doo Wop Vol 2 comp) collectables
Cameos, The - "We'll Still Be Together"
Cameos, The---
The Cameos #1
Camera Obscura - "Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" (Let's Get Out Of This Country) elefant 2006
Camera Obscura - "Number One Son" (Underachievers Please Try Harder) mrg 2004
Camera Obscura - "San Francisco Song" (Old Enough To Know Better comp) mrg 2004
Camera Obscura - (Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi) mrg 2004 Tracyanne Campbell
Camera Obscura - (Let's Get Out Of This...) Merge 2006
Camera Obscura - (Underachievers Please Try Harder) Merge 2004
Camera Obscura---
Camera Obscura #1
Camera Obscura #2
Cameron - "All That's Good To Me" 1981
Cameron - "Boogie's Gonna Get Ya" 1981
Cameron, Bobby - "Eternally" (Bobby Cameron)
Cameron, Bobby - "Hole In My Heart" (Bobby Cameron)
Cameron, Bobby - "Other Side, The" (Bobby Cameron)
Cameron, Bruce - (Midnight Daydream) brain cell 1999 Bruce Cameron
Cameron, Bruce---
Bruce Cameron #1
Cameron, Doug - "Don't Tell Me" (Mona With The Children)
Cameron, Doug---
Doug Cameron #1
Cameron, Ken - "You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry" (single) hilltop
Camerons, The - "Cheryl" 1960
Cami - "Another Lullaby" (Shekinah: 13 Artists) 2002
Camida - "Boogie Woogie Rock 'N' Roll" (The Genius Of Camida)
Camiel - "Sintra" Kinkysweet Recordings
Camila - "Abrazame" snybmgnorte 2006
Camille - "Baby Carni Bird" Virgin
Camilo, Michel - "From Within" (Calle 54 trk) blue note 2001 instrumental
Camilo, Michel - "Night In Tunisia, A" RMM
Camilo, Michel - "One More Once" Columbia
Camilo, Michel - "Our Love Is Here To Stay" (Solo) telarcjazz 2005
Camilo, Michel - "Round Midnight" (Solo) telarcjazz 2005
Camilo, Michel - (Triangulo) Telarc Jazz 2002
Camisra - "Feel The Beat" (Ministry Of Sound - The Annual Millennium Edition comp) 2000
Camisra - "Let Me Show You" 7:29 (Free To Be Volume 3 comp) shock import
Camoflauge - ($trictly 4 Da $treets) univ 2001
Camouflage - "Great Commandment, The" 4:15 (Voices & Images) atl 1988 M. Meyn? r-Atrocity
Camouflage - "Heaven (I Want You)" 91
Camouflage - "Love Is A Shield" 89
Camouflage - "Neighbours" 3:46 (Voices & Images) atl 1988 ("Never sure")
Camouflage - "That Smiling Face" 4:47 (Voices & Images) atl 1988 ("What can we do what can we say")
Camozzi, Chris - "If I Didn't Have Love" (Slow Burn) samson 2001
Camozzi, Chris - "Swing Shift" (Slow Burn) samson 2001
Camp, A - (A Camp) univ 2001
Camp Freddy - "Whole Lotta Love" () sanctuary 2006 Donovan Leitch p-Cult o-Led Zeppelin
Camp Freddy---
Camp Freddy #1
Camp, Hamilton - "Star-Spangled Bus" (Record Show comp) wbr/rep
Camp, Jeremy - (Carried Me: The Worship Project) BEC/Tooth & Nail 2004
Camp, Jeremy - (Stay) BEC/Tooth & Nail 2002
Camp, Jesse - "My Little Saviour" (Jesse And The 8th Street Kidz) hollywood 1999 w/Stevie Nicks
Camp, Jesse - "See You Around" (Jesse And The 8th Street Kidz) hollywood 1999 ("I'll see you around")
Camp Lo - "Glow" (Let's Do It Again) dymond crooks 2002 Sonny Cheeba & Geechie Suede ("Get dat glo")
Camp, Michael---
Michael Camp #1
Camp, Shawn - "Why Me" (The Pilgrim: A Celebration Of Kris Kristofferson comp) americanroots 2005 o-Kris Kristofferson
Camp, Shawn - (Fireball) skeeter 2006
Camp-Fire Girls---
Camp-Fire Girls #1
Campbell, Al - (Always In My Heart) ao!/stingray 2001
Campbell, Alan - "Sunset Boulevard" (The Very Vest Of Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Broadway Collection comp) pdr 1996 wr-Andrew Lloyd Webber or-
Campbell, Bridgette - "Yeah Yeah" (Fred Hammond Presents: In Case You Missed It...And Then Some comp) verity 2001
Campbell Brothers - "Christmas Song, The" (Sacred Steel For The Holidays) arhoolie 2001 traditional
Campbell Brothers - "Good All The Time" (Can You Feel It)
Campbell Brothers - "Joy To The World" (Sacred Steel For The Holidays) arhoolie 2001 traditional
Campbell Brothers - "Jump For Joy"
Campbell Brothers - "Sign Of The Judgement"
Campbell Brothers - "Silent Night" (Sacred Steel For The Holidays) arhoolie 2001 traditional
Campbell Brothers - (Sacred Steel Instrumentals comp) arhoolie 2005
Campbell Brothers - (Sacred Steel On Tour) arhoolie 2001
Campbell, Bruce - (Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way) ryk 2005
Campbell, Chris - (Many Sides Of) heritage 2003
Campbell, Cornell - "Where I Stand" 3:17 (The Best Of Reggae - Volume Three) houseofreggae 1996
Campbell, Corwell - "Duke Of Earl, The"
Campbell, Darick & Phillip - "Baby Please Don't Go" (Creole Bred comp) vanguard 2004
Campbell, Dirk (Mont)---
Dirk (Mont) Campbell #1
Campbell, Glen - "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" (By The Time I Get To Phoenix) cap 1967 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Can You Fool" cap 1978 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Country Boy (You Got Your Feet in L.A.)" Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Country Boy" cap 75 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Don't Pull Your Love/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" cap 1976 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)" cap 71 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Dreamlover" (Country Duets Of The 80's comp) mca Glen Campbell w/Tanya Tucker
Campbell, Glen - "Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife" cap 1968 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Everything A Man Could Ever Need" cap 1970 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Galveston" (Galveston/The Best Easy Album... Ever! comp/All Star Jam) cap//spring house 1969 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Gentle On My Mind" (Gentle On My Mind) cap 1967 Glen Campbell r-Mark Eitzel
Campbell, Glen - "God Must Have Blessed America" (United We Stand comp) cap 2001 Glen Campbell or-
Campbell, Glen - "Hey Little One" cap 68 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Honey Come Back" (The Best Easy Album... Ever! comp) cap 1970 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Houston (I'm Comin' To See You)" cap 74 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "I Don't Want To Know Your Name" cap 1981 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "I Knew Jesus (Before He Was A Star)" cap73 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "I Love My Truck" mirage 1981 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "I Wanna Live" cap 1968 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "It's Only Make Believe" : (Ralph Emery & Friends) cap//spring house 1970 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Last Time I Saw Her, The" cap 71 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Lay Me Down (Roll Me out to Sea)" 4:09 (Bloodline) cap
Campbell, Glen - "Mary Anne" Glen Campbell r-Spacemen 3
Campbell, Glen - "Oh Happy Day" cap 70 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Prima Donna"
Campbell, Glen - "Rhinestone Cowboy" capitol 1975 Glen Campbell r-White Town
Campbell, Glen - "Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like" cap 1980 Glen Campbell w/RitaCoolidge
Campbell, Glen - "Southern Nights" cap 1977 Glen Campbell o-Allen Toussaint
Campbell, Glen - "Sunflower" cap 77 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Too Late To Worry, Too Blue To Cry" cap 1962 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "True Grit" cap 1969 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Try A Little Kindness" cap 1969 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Turn Around, Look At Me" crest 1961 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Universal Soldier" cap 65 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "When I Stop Dreaming" (Livin', Lovin', Losin': Songs Of The Louvin Brothers comp) universalsouth 2003 Glen Campbell w/Leslie Satcher
Campbell, Glen - "Where's The Playground Susie" cap 1969 Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - "Wichita Lineman" : (Wichita Lineman/Ralph Emery & Friends) cap//spring house 1968 Glen Campbell r-Freedy Johnston
Campbell, Glen - (Rick, Jerry & Glen: The Lost '60's Recordings comp) varesevintage 2003 o-Rick Nelson wr-Glen Campbell
Campbell, Glen - (The Glen Campbell Collection) r&t 1997
Campbell, Glen---
Glen Campbell #1

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