"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Corrupt Justin---
Corrupt Justin #1
Corrupt - uns 1999
Corrupt #1
Corrupted Ideals - (Anti-Generation) new red archives
Corrupted Ideals - (Join The Resistance) new red archives
Corrupted Ideals---
Corrupted Ideals #1
Corrupted Morals - "Big Man" 1:17 (The Thing That Ate Floyd comp) lookout 1988
Corrupted Morals - "Where Is He?" (No Use For A Name-Operation Ivy & More - 'Turn It Around' 2 X 7" comp) maximum rock'n'roll 1987
Corrupted Morals---
Corrupted Morals #1
Corrupted Morals #2
Corruption Malfunction---
Corruption Malfunction #1
Corruption #1
Corruption #2
Corry Konings---
Corry Konings #1
Corsairs, The - "Goodbye Darling" (single) 1957
Corsairs, The - "Rock Lilly Rock" (single) 1957
Corsairs, The - "Smoky Places" tuff 1962 a-The Corsaires - 'Smokey Places'???
Corso, Gregory - (Bop Apocalypse) Koch 2002
Corsten, Ferry - "Beautiful" (L.E.F.) ultra 2006
Corsten, Ferry - "Fire" (L.E.F.) ultra 2006 w/Simon LeBon (Duran Duran)
Corsten, Ferry - "Rock Body Rock" (L.E.F.) ultra 2006
Corsten, Ferry - "Watch Out" (L.E.F.) ultra 2006
Cortex ---
Cortex #1
Cortex Bomb---
Cortex Bomb #1
Cortez, Carmen - "Isle Of Dreams" (Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over trk) milan 2003 Carmen Cortez
Cortez, Chris - (Hold It Right There) Blue Bamboo 2003
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Catnip"
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Fiesta" 1962
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Happy Organ, The" (The Rock Instrumentals comp) clck 1958 instrumental
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Honey Baby" 1958
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Hurricane"
Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - "Rinky Dink" chss 1962 instrumental
Cortez, Diego - "Scamander" ("Stuzzicadenti" 1997-99) bar/none 2000 w/Spooky
Cortez, Ed And Antonio Pinto - (City Of God trk) Milan 2003
Cortez, Ric - "Heartthrob"
Cortez The Killer---
Cortez The Killer #1
Cortina - "Danny Says" (Tribute To Various Artists: Ramones Forever: An International Tribute comp) radical 2002 o-Ramones
Cortina - "Music Is Moving" (Ministry Of Sound Present Hard N-R-G comp) 2000
Cortinas - "Fascist Dictator" step-forward 77
Cortiz, Alex - "Fingerprints" (Plush comp) kriztal 2003
Corum - ( Artists For Independence comp) amp3 2000
Corum #1
Corvaires, The - "True True Love" (Encyclopedia Of Doo Wop Vol 2 comp) collectables
Corvairs - (Hitchhiker) new rose
Corvairs, The - "Gee Whiz"
Corvairs, The - "True True Love" 1962
Corvairs #1
Corvells - "We Made A Vow" (single) 1957
Corvells, The - "Daisy"
Corvette, Nikki - "Love Me" (7", Rapid Pulse)
Corvettes, The - (Hang 11 - Mutant Surf Punks comp) ana
Corvus Corax - (The Atavistic Triad ep) dark symphonies 2001
Cory's Ball Sweat---
Cory's Ball Sweat #1
Coryell, Larry, Trio - (Tricycles) Favored Nations 2004
Coryell, Murali - (2120) czyz 1999
Cos'mo #1
Cosa Nostra - "Going Out Of My Head" (Planet Dance - The World's Greatest Club Hits comp) tommy boy silver 2000
Cosa Nostra---
Cosa Nostra #1
Cosby, Bill - "Hikky-Burr" 3:58 w/Quincy Jones
Cosby, Bill - "Little Ole' Man (Uptight - Everything's Alright)" 1967
Cosby, Bill - (200 M.P.H.) rhn 1968
Cosby, Bill - (Cosby And The Kids) rhn 1986
Cosby, Bill - (It's True! It's True!) rhn 1969
Cosby, Bill - (The Best Of Bill Cosby rhn 1969
Cosby, Bill - Bill Cosby spoken word comedy
Cosby, Bill, Stu Gardner and Dawnn Lewis - "Different World, A" (A Different World tv theme song) ("I know my parents love me"/"It's a different world form where you come from") Cosby, Bill---
Bill Cosby #1
Bill Cosby #2
Cosmetic Puffs - (Down In Front comp) no idea 1999
Cosmic Avenger---
Cosmic Avenger #1
Cosmic Box - "Brainfreak" (Cosmic Box) j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "Breaking My Heart" j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "Freight Train Blues" j-b 1998 Ross Kash p-White Trash
Cosmic Box - "Funny Farm" (Cosmic Box) j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "I Will Come Back To You" (Cosmic Box) j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "It Will Come To You" uns 1998
Cosmic Box - "Lady M" (demo) uns 1999
Cosmic Box - "Lovely Lady" j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "Simply Buggin'" (Cosmic Box) j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box - "Sunshine" j-b 1998 Ross Kash
Cosmic Box---
Cosmic Box #1
Cosmic D---
Cosmic D #1
Cosmic Gate, The - "Firewire" 2001 import a-'Firewall'??
Cosmic Gate, The - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" 2:41 (Dance Factory Vol 7 comp) ktu-italia 2000 o-Judy Garland
Cosmic Jukebox---
Cosmic Jukebox #1
Cosmic Kangaroos - "Ritual People" (single)
Cosmic Oatmeal Buckets---
Cosmic Oatmeal Buckets #1
Cosmic Psychos - "Rain Gauge" 3:00 (Palomino Pizza/Amphetamine Reptile Records 1993 Sampler comp) amrep 1993
Cosmic Rays - "Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lies" 1960
Cosmic Rays - "Dreaming" (single) Saturn 1960
Cosmic Revolution---
Cosmic Revolution #1
Cosmic Rock Show, The - "Rising Sun" (single)
Cosmic Rough Riders - (Too Close to See Far) 429/Savoy 2004
Cosmic Spoilers - "Decades" 4:40 (Something About Joy Division comp) 1990 o-Joy Division
Cosmic Tones, The - "Gonna Build Me A Woman" (single/Garage Punk Unknowns Vol. 8 comp) crypt 1960's
Cosmic Trigger---
Cosmic Trigger #1
Cosmicity #1
Cosmo Topper---
Cosmo Topper #1
Cosmo Vitelli - (Clean) astralwerks 2003
Cosmo's Moon---EMAIL
Cosmo's Moon---EMAIL
Cosmo's Moon---
Cosmo's Moon #1
Cosmocity - (Messages: Modern Synthpop Artists Cover OMD comp) oglio 2001 o-OMD
Cosmocity #1
Cost, Roy - "La La La La"
Cost, Roy - "Thunder and Lightening" 2005
Cost, Roy---
Roy Cost #1
Roy Cost #2
Cost, The - (Chimera) Lookout! 2002
Cost, The - (New Disorder Records CD Sampler comp) new disorder 2000
Cost, The---
Cost, The #1
Costa, Angela---
Costa, Angela #1
Costa, Don & His Orchestra - "Never On Sunday" 1960
Costa, Don & His Orchestra - "Theme From 'The Unforgiven' (The Need for Love), The" 1960
Costa, Matt - "Cold December" (Songs We Sing) 2006 Matt Costa
Costa, Matt - "Sunshine" 2:00 (Off The Wall Vol. VII comp) van 2004 ("Sha la la la la"/"Someday")
Costa, Nikka - "Call Me" o-Blondie
Costa, Nikka - "Everybody's Got Their Something" (Everybody's Got Their Something/Blue Crush trk) cheeba sound/vrg 2001 Nikka Costa
Costa, Nikka - "Hope It Felt Good" (Everybody Got Their Something) vrg 2001 Nikka Costa
Costa, Nikka - "Just Because" (Everybody's Got Their Something) cheeba sound/vrg 2001 Nikka Costa
Costa, Nikka - "Like A Feather" (Everybody's Got Their Something) cheeba sound/vrg 2001 Nikka Costa
Costa, Nikka - "Midnight" (Everybody's Got Their Something) cheeba sound/vrg 2001 Nikka Costa
Costa, Nikka - "Push & Pull" (Blow trk)
Costa, Nikka - "So Have I For You" (Crossroads trk) jive 2001
Costa, Nikka - "Till I Get To You" vrg
Costa, Nikka---
Nikka Costa #1
Costandinos, Alec R - "Romeo and Juliet" csb 1978
Costandinos, Alec R - "Winds Of Change" csb 1979
Costandinos, Alec R---
Alec R Costandinos #1
Costanzo, Jack - (Back From Havana) cubop/ubiquity 2001
Costanzo, Jack, And His Orchestra - "Peter Gunn Theme" (Three To Tango trk) warner sunset/atl 1999 trad.
Costanzo, Jack---
Jack Costanzo #1
Costanzo, Joe - "Long Island's Rock N' Roll" 0:39 (WBAB Son Of Homegrown comp) pri 82
Costello, Adam - "No Action" r-MxPx
Costello, Billy - "I'm Popeye The Sailor Man" (Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time - Vol. I: The 1940's comp) rhn 1985 or-1940's
Costello, Donnacha - "Dry Retch" (Together Is The New Alone) mille plateaux 2001
Costello, Donnacha - "Lateral Thinking" : (Growing Up In Public) force inc-caroline 2000
Costello, Donnacha - "Lbp" : (Growing Up In Public) force inc-caroline 2000
Costello, Donnacha - "That Empty Feeling" (Together Is The New Alone) mille plateaux 2001
Costello, Donnacha - "Your New God" (Together Is The New Alone) mille plateaux 2001
Costello, Donnacha---
Donnacha Costello #1

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