"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Felder, Don - "All Of You" 4:18 (Heavy Metal trk) elk 1981
Felder, Don - "Bad Girls" 4:49 (Airborn) 1983 p-Eagles
Felder, Don - "Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)" 5:00 (Heavy Metal trk) elk 1981 w/Don Henley
Felder, Don - "Takin' A Ride"
Felder, Don - "Who Tonight" 4:58
Feldman, Corey - "Former Child Actor" (Former Child Actor) 2002 Corey Feldman
Feldman, Corey - "Negativity" (Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star trk) hwd 2003 Corey Feldman
Feldman, Corey---
Corey Feldman #1
Feldman, Lee - (The Man In The Jupiter Hat) bona fide 2000 Lee Feldman
Feldman, Lee---
Feldman, Lee #1
Feldon, Barbara - (Hal Lifson's Sex In The '60's comp) varesevintage 2005 or-
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "California Dreamin'"
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Chico and the Man" (Chico And The Man tv theme song) ("Chico, don't be discouraged"/"Because there's good in everyone")
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Feliz Navidad" 3:00 (Jose Feliciano/Surviving Christmas film trk) rca 1970 Jose Feliciano
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Hi-Heel Sneakers" 1968
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "La Bamba" 2:45 vngrd 60's trad.
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Light My Fire" (The Folk Years comp) timelife 1968
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Little Drummer Boy, The" 3:58 (Jose Feliciano) rca 1970 Jose Feliciano
Feliciano, Jos‚ - "Noche De Paz [Silent Night]" 4:03 (Navidad En Las Americas comp) waltdisney 1994
Feliciano, Jos‚---
Jos‚ Feliciano #1
Feline - "Air That I Breathe, The" (Come Again comp) cap 1998 o-The Hollies
Felix - "Don't You Want Me?" 5:58 (Central Club Classics, Volume 1 comp) central station import
Felix - "From The Well" (From The Well) cmg 1998 ("Soul salvation")
Felix - "My My But You're Strong (Neat's Song)" (Rock Candy) kma 2002 Felix Hanemann
Felix - "Reaching For Rainbows" (Rock Candy) kma 2001 Felix Hanemann p-Zebra
Felix - "Rock Candy" (Rock Candy) kma 2001 Felix Hanemann
Felix Culpa, The - "Escape To The Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed" (Hair: Chicago Punk Cuts comp) thick 2006
Felix Culpa, The - "Good Business Moves" (Thought Control ep) commoncloud 2005 Mark Hladish note-Boggle player
Felix Culpa, The - "I'm Still Learning" 10:30 (Commitment) commoncloud 2004
Felix Culpa, The---EMAIL
Felix Culpa, The---
The Felix Culpa #1
The Felix Culpa #2
The Felix Culpa #3
The Felix Culpa #4
Felix Da Housecat - "Ready To Wear" (Devil Dazzle And The Neon Fever) empnort 2004 w/Tyrone 'Visionary' Palmer
Felix Da Housecat - "Silver Screen Shower Scene" (Defining TECH comp) orbisonic 2002
Felix Da Housecat - "What She Wants" (Devil Dazzle And The Neon Fever) empnort 2004 w/James Murphy (DFA)
Felix Da Housecat - (Electro Kills comp) Nettwerk America 2003
Felix Da Housecat - (Kittenz And Thee Glitz) emp nort 2002
Felix Da Housecat---
Felix Da Housecat #1
Felix Da Housecat #2
Felix Frump - "Cheers" 2:03 (Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance Of TV Themes comp) which? 2002 Graham Gardner traditional
Felix Frump---
Felix Frump #1
Felix, Julie - "I Can't Touch The Sun"
Fell Far Behind - (Reaching The Red Line) uns 2007
Fell Far Behind---
Fell Far Behind #1
Fell, Terry - "Don't Drop It" 1954
Fellaheen - "Decompression" 1994
Fellaheen #1
Fellatia #1
Feller, Dick - "Credit Card Song, The" (Dick Feller Wrote.../Dr. Demento's Country Corn comp) Dick Feller
Feller, Dick - "Lord Mr. Ford" (Dick Feller Wrote...) Dick Feller
Felli & Buddy - "Exploding Fist, The" (12") caffeine 1998
Felli & Buddy - "Snake Charmer"
Fellini Outtakes, The---
Fellini Outtakes, The #1
Fellow Project - uns 2002 p-Small Arms Dealer, Porcealin Decay, 3myville
Fellow Project---
Fellow Project #1
Fellows, Christine - "Migrations" (Paper Anniversary) Six Shooter
Fellows, Eugene Church & - "Pretty Girls Everywhere" (single) 1958
Felony - "Fanatic, The" 3:35 (The Fanatic) rnr/sctt/allamer 82
Felt - "Breaker Down Like A Shotgun" (Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet) rhymesayers 2005
Felt - "Cathedral" cherryred
Felt - "Dismantled King Is Off The Throne" cherryred
Felt - "Fortune" cherryred
Felt - "Get Out Of My Mirror" el
Felt - "Mexican Bandits" cherryred
Felt - "My Face Is On Fire" (Pillows & Prayers comp) cherry red 1982-1984
Felt - "Now Summer Spreads It's Wings Again" cherryred
Felt - "Penelope Tree" (Ambition comp/Pillows & Prayers comp) cherry red 1982-1984
Felt - "Preacher In New England, A" cherryred
Felt - "Primitive Painters" (Ambition comp) cherry red
Felt - "Red Indians" cherryred
Felt - "Something Sends Me To Sleep" (Ambition comp) cherry red
Felt - "Sunlight Bathe" cherryred
Felt - "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow" cherryred
Felt - "Sunlight Stream" cherryred
Felt - "Trails Of Colour Dissolve" cherryred
Felt - "World Is As Soft As Lace, The" cherryred
Felt - (Absolute Classic Masterpieces) cherryred
Felt - (Box Set) cherryred
Felt - (Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty - The Splendour of Fear) cherryred
Felt - (Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty) cherryred
Felt - (Forever Breathes The Lonely World)
Felt - (Gold Mine Trash) cherryred
Felt - (Ignite The Seven Cannons) cherryred
Felt - (Me And A Monkey On The Moon) el
Felt - (The Splendour Of Fear) cherryred
Felt - (The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories) cherryred
Felt ---
Felt #1
Felt Stars, The - "Iko Iko" : (Rain Man trk) 1980's ("Talking about hey now hey now") traditional
Felt45 #1
Felts, Derrell - "It's A Great Big Day" (That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 25 - Columbia comp) bear
Felts, Derrell - "Playmates"
Felts, Derrell - "Shake It Up And Move" (Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs)
Felts, Derrell - "Too Much Lovin' Going On" (Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs)
Felts, Narvel - "Be Bop a Lula"
Felts, Narvel - "Cry Baby Cry" (That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 16 - SUN comp) bear
Felts, Narvel - "Fool In Paradise, A"
Felts, Narvel - "Foolish Thoughts" 1957
Felts, Narvel - "Go Go Go" 1956 live
Felts, Narvel - "Heartbreak Hotel" 1956 live
Felts, Narvel - "Kiss Me Baby" 1957
Felts, Narvel - "Little Girl Step This Way" 1958
Felts, Narvel - "Lonely Teardrops" 1976
Felts, Narvel - "Lonesome River"
Felts, Narvel - "Love Me Like A Rock" 1977
Felts, Narvel - "Mystery Train" 1956 live
Felts, Narvel - "Pink And Black Days" 1998
Felts, Narvel - "Reconsider Me" 1974
Felts, Narvel - "Rock Little Angel"
Felts, Narvel - "Rocket Ride"
Felts, Narvel - "Rockin' Little Angel" 1973
Felts, Narvel - "Woman Love" 1957
Felts, Narvel---
Felts, Narvel #1
Felumlee, Mike - "Don't Be Afraid" (Smoking Popes Tribute comp) doublezero 2003
Felumlee, Mike - "Sunshine" (Double Zero Records Sampler 1 comp/Dan Andriano split) doublezero 2003
Fem 2 Fem - "Where Did Love Go"
Femail - "Flee Fly Flo" (Now! Volume Forty Six comp) 2000
Female Bureau Of Investigation---
Female Bureau Of Investigation #1
Femme Fatale - "Falling In & Out of Love" (Femme Fatale)
Femme Fatality---
Femme Fatality #1
Fence Cutters---
Fence Cutters #1
Fence, Dillon
Fender Benders, The---
The Fender Benders #1
Fender, Freddie - "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" 2:33 (Before The Next Teardrop Falls/Rush trk) dt/abc/mca 1975 a-Baldemar Huerta a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - "Holy One" imperial 1957
Fender, Freddie - "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)" (I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive: Hank Williams Revisited comp) 1998? o-Hank Williams
Fender, Freddie - "Living It Down" dot 1976
Fender, Freddie - "Mathilda" o-Cookie And The Cupcakes r-Jerry Lee Lewis, Fabulous Thunderbirds a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - "Mean Woman" 2:23 Imperial 1960
Fender, Freddie - "Roses Are Red" dot 1974 Baldemar G. Huerta
Fender, Freddie - "Secret Love" dot 1975 Baldemar G. Huerta a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - "Since I Met You Baby" grt 1975
Fender, Freddie - "Sugar Coated Love" Freddy Fender o-Lazy Lester r-Johnny Winter
Fender, Freddie - "Via Con Dayas" dot 1976
Fender, Freddie - "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights" 2:43 (Rush trk) dt/abc/mca 1959 a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - "Wild Side Of Life" dot 1962
Fender, Freddie - "You'll Lose A Good Thing" abc 1976 a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - (Close To My Heart) fuel2000 2004 Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - (Crazy Cajun's Cosmic Cowboys) edsel 1999 Freddy Fender w/Doug Sahm & Floyd Tillman
Fender, Freddie - (La Musica De Baldemar Huerta) back porch 2002 a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - (Mi Amigo trk) a-Freddy Fender
Fender, Freddie - (Re-Union Of The Cosmic Brothers) crazycajun 1976 Freddy Fender w/Sir Douglas w/Sir Douglas Quintet
Fender, Freddie - (The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz comp) arhoolie 2000 a-Baltazar Huerta or-
Fender, Freddie---
Freddie/Freddy Fender #1
Fender, Leo---
Leo Fender #1
Fenderbenders, The---
The Fenderbenders #1
Fendermen, The - "Beach Party" (7" single) soma
Fendermen, The - "Don't You Just Know It" (Mule Skinner Blues) 1960
Fendermen, The - "Heartbreakin' Special" 1960
Fendermen, The - "Koo Koo" 1960
Fendermen, The - "Mule Skinner Blues" (Goofy Greats comp/Telling Lies In America film trk) ktel 1960
Fendermen, The - "Torture"
Fenix TX - "All My Fault" 2:52 (All My Fault/Fenix TX/Purple Reign In Blood: Live/Jailbait trk) uni/mca//adrnln/nwplant 1999 Will Powers ("Cause everything's my fault") a-River Fenix
Fenix TX - "Feliz Navidad" (The KROQ Kevin & Bean Christmas CD: The Real Slim Santa comp) kroq-wherehouse 2000
Fenix TX - "Gangsta Bitches On Heroine" 3:18 (Songs About Chicks! comp) tank 1999 ("How can we go on"/"Where do we go from here")
Fenix TX - "Get Out Of My Dreams (Get Into My Car)" (Nascar On Fox: Crank It Up comp) mca 2002 ("Who's that lady"/"Hey you get into my car") o-Billy Ocean
Fenix TX - "Jaw" (You'll Never Eat Fast Food Again comp) drivethru 1999
Fenix TX - "Jean Claude Trans Am" (Fenix TX) mca/drive-thru 1999
Fenix TX - "Jolly Green Dumbass" (Fenix TX) mca/drive-thru 1999
Fenix TX - "Minimum Wage" (You'll Never Eat Fast Food Again comp) drivethru 1999
Fenix TX - "O'Bleek" 3:58 (Welcome To The Family comp) drivethru/mca 2001 a-Fenix*TX
Fenix TX - "Ordinary World" o-Duran Duran
Fenix TX - "Phoebe Cates" (American Pie 2 trk) 2001 ("I will be the only one for her"/"All I really need is someone like Phoebe"/"Wasting time going blind")
Fenix TX - "Rooster Song, The" (Purple Reign In Blood - Live) adrenaline/newplanet 2006 or-
Fenix TX - "Song For Everyone, A" 4:09 (Clockstoppers trk) hwd 2002 ("All that I want"/"Do you want to come with me")
Fenix TX - "Speechless" (Fenix TX) mca 1999
Fenix TX - "Surf Song" (Fenix TX) MCA 2000
Fenix TX - "Threesome" (Lechuza/Drive-Thru Records dvd) mca//drive-thru 2001 ("Your love is all I need")
Fenix TX - (River Fenix/Fenix, TX) 1995
Fenix TX - (Something Bad is Going To Happen) mca 2001 Willie Salazar
Fenix TX - (Welcome To The Family comp) drive-thru 2001
Fenix TX - (You'll Never Eat Fast Food Again comp) drive-thru 2000
Fenix TX---
Fenix TX #1
Fenix TX #2
Fenix TX #3
Fenix TX #4
Fenix TX #5
Fennelly, Michael - "Touch My Soul" (Lane Changer)
Fennely, Michael - "Shine A Light" (Lane Changer)
Fennesz - "Made In Hongkong" (Endless Summer) mego-dutch east 2001
Fennesz - "Shisheido" (Endless Summer) mego-dutch east 2001
Fennesz - "Year In A Minute, A" (Endless Summer) mego 2001
Fennesz - (Plus Forty Degrees) mego 2000
Fennesz - (Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56' 38" Minus Sixteen Degreees 51' 08") touch-dutch east 2000 Christian Fennesz
Fennesz - (RKK13CD comp) reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge 2001
Fennesz ---
Fennesz #1
Fennesz #2
Fennesz, O'Rourke, Rehberg - (The Magic Sound Of FennO'Berg) mego-dutch east 2000
Fenriz #1
Fenton, D. Henry - (Autumn Sweet) laughing outlaw 2003
Fenton, Drew---
Fenton, Drew #1
Fenton, George - (Sweet Home Alabama trk) Hollywood 2003 instrumental
Fenton, Shane - "I'm a Moody Guy" 1961
Fenton, Shane - "Walk Away" 1961
Fenton, Shane & The Fentones - "Hey Miss Ruby" 1963
Fenton, Shane & The Fentones - "Ruby Baby"
Fenton, Shane And The Fentones - "Five Foot Two Eyes Blue" 1961
Fenton, Tom & Ice-Nine - "Don't Go Down to the Fallout Shelter (With Anyone Else But Me)" (Dr. Demento's Mementos comp)
Fentruck - "Cuba Deserves An Oscar For This One"
Fentruck #1
Fenways, The - "Nothing To Offer You"
Fenwick, Ray - (Groups And Sessions) uns 2002
Fenwick, Ray---EMAIL
Fenwick, Ray---
Ray Fenwick #1
Fenwicks, The---
Fenwicks, The #1

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