"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Fiona - "Everything You Do (You're Sexing Me)" (Heart Like A Gun) at 1989 w/Kip Winger
Fiona - "Hang Your Heart On Me" atl 1985 Fiona
Fiona - "Talk To Me" (Fiona) at 1985
Fiona - (Beyond The Pale) woundedbird 2004 or-
Fiona - (Fiona) woundedbird 2004 or-
Fiore - "Prelude To Post" (Let's Make This Instinctive)
Fiore - (Let's Make This Instinctive ep) uns 2007 Adam Clinton
Fiore ---
Fiore #1
Fiore #2
Fiore, John - "Slam" (Stand Up And Look Around!/After Emergency Relief Volume I comp) we will find you// 2001 instrumental
Fiore, John---
John Fiore #1
Fiori - "If I" 2000
Fiori - "Take Me Where You Are" 2002
Fiori - (Heaven) 24-7/Artemis 2002
Fire - (Hackers 2 trk) 1997
Fire 557---
Fire 557 #1
Fire Deuce - (Children Of The Deuce) cirecords-lumberjack/mordam 2005
Fire Deuce---
August Burns Red #1
Fire Divine - (This Is How I Kill My Tears comp) deepelm 2004
Fire Divine---
Fire Divine #1
Fire Down Below - "All Goodness" (All Goodness Is In Jeopardy/Better Off Live single) gruntled 2002
Fire Down Below - "Better Off" (All Goodness Is In Jeopardy/Better Off Live single) gruntled 2002 live
Fire Down Below---
Fire Down Below #1
Fire Engines - (Codex Teenage Premonition) domino 2005 Davy Henderson or-1980-1981
Fire Engines - (Lubricate Your Living Room) domino
Fire Engines, The - "Get Up And Use Me" (single) 2007 Davey Henderson p-The Dirty Reds
Fire Engines, The - (Lubricate Your Living Room) 1981
Fire For Effect - (Nothing Will Ever Be The Same) takeback 2006
Fire For Effect---EMAIL
Fire In Babylon---
Fire In Babylon #1
Fire In The Radio - (Red, Static, Action) wednesday 2000
Fire In The Radio---
Fire In The Radio #1
Fire Inc. - "Nowhere Fast" (Streets of Fire trk) mca 1984
Fire Inc. - "Tonight is What it Means to be Young" (Streets of Fire trk) mca 1984
Fire Island - "If You Should Need A Friend" w/Mark Anthoni
Fire Merchants - "Saladin" 5:05 (Ignition) medusa 1989
Fire Party - "Pilate" 1:37 (State Of The Union: D.C. Benefit Compilation comp) dischord 1989
Fire Rooster---
Fire Rooster #1
Fire Show, The - (The Fire Show) perishable 2000 p-Number One Cup
Fire Show, The---
The Fire Show #1
Fire Squad---
Fire Squad #1
Fire Still Burns, The - (Keeping Hope Alive ep) blackout 2005 p-Lifetime, Ensign, Ex Number Five, The Scarlet Letter, Vision
Fire Still Burns, The---
The Fire Still Burns #1
Fire The Flood, The - "Territorial Pissings" (Truth Seekers) nosleep 2007 Luke Williams o-Nirvana
Fire The Flood, The---
The Fire The Flood #1
Fire Theft, The - "Chain" (The Fire Theft) ryk 2003 Jeremy Enigk p-Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters
Fire Theft, The - "Uncle Mountain" (The Fire Theft) ryk 2003
Fire Theft, The - (Hands On You) ryk 2005
Fire Theft, The---
The Fire Theft #1
The Fire Theft #2
Fire Town - "Good Life" 89
Fire When Ready - (As The Sky Stared Down With Angry Clouds!!!) artinjection 2004
Fire When Ready---
Fire When Ready #1
Fire When Ready #2
Fire*Eater, Jonathan - "Everybody Plays The Mime" (Wolf Songs For Lambs) dreamworks
Fire*Eater, Jonathan - "There Is No Love Like That" (Wolf Songs For Lambs) dreamworks 98
Fire*Eater, Jonathan - "These Little Monkeys" (Wolf Songs For Lambs) dreamworks
Fireaxe #1
Fireball ---
Fireball #1
Fireball Ministry - "Daughter Of The Damned" 4:19 (The Second Great Awakening) nucblast-caroline 2003
Fireball Ministry - "Flatline" 3:31 (The Second Great Awakening) nucblast-caroline 2003
Fireball Ministry - "Movin Out" (Right In The Nuts: A Tribute To Aerosmith comp) small stone 2000 o-Aerosmith
Fireball Ministry - (FMEP) small stone 2001
Fireball Ministry - (OŚ est La Rock?) bongload 1999
Fireball Ministry---
Fireball Ministry #1
Fireball Ministry #2
Fireball Ministry #3
Fireball Ministry #4
Fireballs Of Freedom - "Dirtbox" (Total Fucking Blowout!) estrus 2000
Fireballs Of Freedom - "Don't Take My Freedom" (Total Fucking Blowout!) estrus 2000
Fireballs Of Freedom - "Got My Soul Back" (Welcome To The Octagon) estrus 2001
Fireballs Of Freedom - "Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk" (Total Fucking Blowout!) estrus 2000 o-Pink Floyd
Fireballs Of Freedom - "We Do It Everyday" (Welcome To The Octagon) estrus 2001
Fireballs Of Freedom - (Estrus Double Dyn-O-Mite Sampler comp) estrus 2002
Fireballs Of Freedom---
Fireballs Of Freedom #1
Fireballs, The - "Bottle Of Wine" 1963
Fireballs, The - "Bull Dog" (single) platz 1960 Jimmy Gilmer
Fireballs, The - "Bulldog" (single) toprank 1960 Jimmy Gilmer
Fireballs, The - "Cry Baby" 1959
Fireballs, The - "Fireball" (Legends Of Rock Guitar: The 50's, Volume 2 comp) rhn
Fireballs, The - "Foot Patter"
Fireballs, The - "Gunshot" 1961
Fireballs, The - "I Doubt It" 1960
Fireballs, The - "Kissin'"
Fireballs, The - "Let There Be Love"
Fireballs, The - "Quite A Party" wrwk 1961
Fireballs, The - "Sneakers" 1960
Fireballs, The - "Sugar Shack" 1963
Fireballs, The - "Sweet Talk" 1960
Fireballs, The - "Torquay" tprank 1959 instrumental
Fireballs, The---
The Fireballs #1
The Fireballs #2
Fireballs #3
Firebird - "Bollard" : (Firebird) the music cartel 2001 p-Cathedral, Carcass, Spititual Beggars
Firebird - "Caught In A Quagmire" : (Firebird) the music cartel 2001
Firebird - "Raise A Smile" : (Firebird) the music cartel 2001
Firebird - "Torn Down" : (Firebird) the music cartel 2001
Firebird Band, The - (At First Sight...)
Firebird Band, The - (The City At Night) bifocal/lucid 2004
Firebird Band, The - (The Drive ep) cargo 2001 p-Braid, Pilots In Hiatus
Firebird Band, The - (The Setting Sun And Its Satellites) headhunter/cargo 2000 Christopher Broach p-Braid
Firebird Band, The - (Verna Cannon split ep) 2001 Chris Broach p-Braid, Joan Of Arc, Bull In China, Pilot In Hiatus
Firebird Band, The---
The Firebird Band #1
The Firebird Band #2
Firebird Suite, The/The Firebird Project - (1996-1998) lucidrecords 2002
Firebird Suite, The/The Firebird Project---
The Firebird Suite/The Firebird Project #1
Firebird Trio - "Local Honky Tonk"
Firebird Trio - "Lonely Hotel"
Firebirds - a-Electric Firebirds, 31st Flavor
Firebirds, The - "Church Bells May Ring" 2007
Firebirds, The - "Dance Girl" 2007
Firebirds, The - "Little Orphan Girl" 2007
Firebirds, The - "Remember Then" 2007 note-from the U.K.
Firebirds, The - "Time Keeps Movin' On" (Too Hot To Handle)
Fireclown - "Big Disease" (Junkie/Big Disease 7") New Rage 1992
Firecracker Marge---
Firecracker Marge #1
Firefall - "Always"
Firefall - "Break Of Dawn"
Firefall - "Cinderella" ()
Firefall - "Goodbye, I Love You" ()
Firefall - "Headed For A fall"
Firefall - "It Doesn't Matter"
Firefall - "Just Remember I Love You" (Luna Sea) atl 1977
Firefall - "Livin' Ain't Livin'" (Firefall)
Firefall - "Love That Got Away" ()
Firefall - "Mexico" ()
Firefall - "Runaway Love"
Firefall - "So Long" (Luna Sea)
Firefall - "Some Day Soon"
Firefall - "Staying With It"
Firefall - "Strange Way" (Elan)
Firefall - "Sweet & Sour"
Firefall - "Undertow" (Undertow)
Firefall - "You Are The Woman" (Firefall)
Firefall #1
Firefall #2
Fireflies, The - "Could You Mean More" 1965
Fireflies, The - "I Can't Say Goodbye" (single) 1959
Fireflies, The - "You Were Mine" (single/Love Songs) llt/ribbon 1959 Richie Adams
Fireflies, The---
The Fireflies #1
Fireflight - "Liar" 3:35 (Flicker Is Warped comp) flicker 2006
Firehose - "Beautiful Time With You, The" (From Ohio) 1989 Mike Watt a-fIREHOSE
Firehose - "Brave Captain" (Ragin', Full-On) sst 1986 Mike Watt ("There are doubts")
Firehose - "Me And You Remembering" (Ifen)? 1987 Mike Watt
Firehose - "Oh The Town Of Pedro" (Find The Flannel)? Mike Watt 1991
Firehose - "Sometimes" r-Widespread Panic
Firehose - "Time With You" 89 ("Spending time with you") p-Mike Watt IUMA a-fIREHOSE
Firehose - "Walking The Cow" (Find The Flannel)? 1991 Mike Watt o-Daniel Jonhston
Firehose - (Mr. Machinery Operator) 1993 Mike Watt a-fIREHOSE
Firehouse - "All She Wrote" (Firehouse) epc 91
Firehouse - "Brave Captain"
Firehouse - "Can't Stop The Pain" (Category 5) lightyear/mystic/wea 1999 Bill Leverty or C.J. Snare a-Fire House
Firehouse - "Day, The" (Category 5) lightyear 1999 a-Fire House
Firehouse - "Don't Treat Me Bad" (Firehouse) epc 91
Firehouse - "Dream" (Category 5) lightyear 1999 a-Fire House
Firehouse - "Get Ready" (Category 5) lightyear 1999 a-Fire House
Firehouse - "Have Mercy" (Category 5) lightyear 1999 a-Fire House
Firehouse - "Love Of A Lifetime" 1991 ("I finally found the love of a lifetime")
Firehouse - "Reach For The Sky" (Hold Your Fire) epc 92
Firehouse - "Shake & Tumble" (Smashing Metal comp) smp
Firehouse - "Week And The Weather, The" (Category 5) lightyear 1999 a-Fire House
Firehouse - "When I Look Into Your Eyes"
Firehouse - (02) spitfire 2000
Firehouse - (Bring 'Em Out Alive) spitfire 2000
Firehouse ---
Firehouse #1
Firehouse #2
Firehouse #3
Firehouse #4
Firehouse Five Plus Two - (16 Dixieland Favorites)
Firehouse Five Plus Two, The - "Southern Comfort" (Alice film trk) unr 1990 wr-Danny Alguire, Frank Thomas and Ward Kimball
Fireking - (Live A Little, Love A Little) 2002 p-Figures On A Beach
Fireking - (Sweet Tribute - Are You Ready Steve? comp) jam 2003 o-Sweet
Fireking #1
Fireking #2
Fireman, The - (Rushes) hydra 1999 Paul McCartney & Youth p-Killing Joke, Beatles
Fireman, The - (Stawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forest...)
FirePig #1
Firescape - "Breathe In" (Dancehall Apocalypse) redink//wethepeople 2007 Josh Partington p-Something Corporate, Mr. Crispy, Madcap
Firescape - "His Midas Touch" 2005 Josh Partington
Firescape - "Sleeping" (Dancehall Apocalypse) wethepeople 2007 Josh Partington
Firescape - "Sound, The" (Dancehall Apocalypse) wethepeople 2007 Josh Partington
Firescape - "Way You Are" (Dancehall Apocalypse) wethepeople 2007 Josh Partington NOTE: Not Billy Joel's song
Firescape - (Drive-Thru Records And PureVolume.Com: Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know comp) drivethru 2005
Firescape #1
Firescape #2
Fireside - "Headacher" ([Don't Forget To] Breathe comp) crank 1997
Fireside - "Kilotin" (CMJ New Music Monthly - September 1996 comp) amer//cmj 1996
Fireside - "Sucking The Dust" (Godmoney trk)
Fireside - "Sweatbead" crank! 1999
Fireside - (Do Not Tailgate) American 96
FirestARTer - "Computer World (Computerwelt)" (8-Bit Operators: An 8-Bit Tribute To The Music Of Kraftwerk comp) astral 2007 o-Kraftwerk
Firestone - "Tragic Kingdom"
Firestone, Rod - "I Did It" (Hardbodies trk) unr 1984
Firestone, Rod - "Party On" (Hardbodies trk) unr 1984
Firewater - "Another Perfect Catastrophe" (The Ponzi Scheme) jetset//universal
Firewater - "Bad, Bad World" (Psychopharmacology) jetset 2001
Firewater - "Beat Goes On, The" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Sonny & Cher
Firewater - "Car Crash Collaborator" (Psychopharmacology) jetset 2001
Firewater - "Caroline" (The Ponzi Scheme) cherry/univ 1999 Tod Ashley
Firewater - "Diamonds And Gold" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Tom Waits
Firewater - "Down So Long" unreleased or-2003 o-The Doors
Firewater - "Dropping Like Flies" (The Ponzi Scheme) jetset//universal 1998 Tod Ashley ("Bodies falling to the floor")
Firewater - "Folsom Prison Blues" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2004 o-Johnny Cash
Firewater - "Get Out Of My Head" (Psychopharmacology) jetset 2001
Firewater - "Green Light" (Ponzi Scheme) jetset 1998 p-Cop Shoot Cop, Jesus Lizard, JSBE, Soul Coughing
Firewater - "Hey Bulldog" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Beatles
Firewater - "I Often Dream Of Trains" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Robyn Hitchcock
Firewater - "I Still Love You, Judas" (Teleconned Vol. 1 comp) noalternative 1998
Firewater - "Is That All There Is?" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Peggy Lee wr-Lieber/Stoller
Firewater - "Paint It Black" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2004 o-Rolling Stones
Firewater - "Ponzi's Theme" (The Ponzi Scheme) cherry/univ 1999 instrumental
Firewater - "Rain Dogs" unreleased or-2003 o-Tom Waits
Firewater - "Seventh (7th) Avenue Static" (Psychopharmacology) jetset 2001
Firewater - "So Long, Superman" Cherry-Universal (CMJ New Music Monthly - Nov. 1998 comp) cmj 1998
Firewater - "Some Velvet Morning" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra
Firewater - "Storm Warning" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Lyn Taitt/Duke Reid
Firewater - "This Little Light Of Mine" (Songs We Should Have Written) 2003 traditional
Firewater - "This Town" (Songs We Should Have Written) jetset 2003 o-Frank Sinatra
Firewater - "Woke Up Down" (Psychopharmacology) jetset 2001
Firewater - (Get off the Cross... We Need the Wood for the Fire) Jetset-Big Cat 96 Tod A., Jim Kimball, Duane Denison?? a-Organ Grinders
Firewater - (The Man On The Burning Tightrope) jetset 2003
Firewater #1
Firewater #2
Firewater #3
Firewater #4
Firewind - "Before The Storm" (Allegiance) centmedia 2007
Firewind - "Dreamchaser" (Allegiance) centmedia 2007
Firewind #1
Fireworks - "From Mountain Movers, To Lazy Losers" (We Are Everywhere ep) runforcover 2007
Fireworks ---
Fireworks #1
Fireworks #2
Fireworks Go Up! - "Glorious Mood, A" (You're Welcome) baryon 2004 p-Joshua
Fireworks Go Up! - "Sun Don't Burn Without Her, The" (You're Welcome) baryon 2004
Fireworks Go Up!---
Fireworks Go Up! #1
Fireworks Go Up! #2

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