"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Floffus - "Elementary School Pop Punk" (Cruisin' For A Bruisin' comp) pe500 2002
Flogging Molly - "Delilah" (Alive Behind The Green Door/Swagger) s1d 1997 Dave King o-Tom Jones p-Fastway
Flogging Molly - "Drunken Lullabies" (Drunken Lullabies) s1d 2002 Dave King
Flogging Molly - "Every Dog Has Its Day" : (Alive Behind The Green Door/Swagger/World Warped III Live comp) s1d 1997 Dave King
Flogging Molly - "Factory Girls" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004 Dave King w/Lucinda Williams
Flogging Molly - "Grace Of God Go I" (Swagger) s1d 2000 Dave King
Flogging Molly - "Laura" 4:13 (Warped Tour 2006 Compilation: Disc 1 comp/Whiskey On A Sunday trk) s1d 2006 ("Bye bye")
Flogging Molly - "Likes Of You Again, The" : (Swagger) s1d 2000
Flogging Molly - "May The Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)" Dave King
Flogging Molly - "Ol' Beggars Bush, The"
Flogging Molly - "Queen Anne's Revenge" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004
Flogging Molly - "Rebels Of The Sacred Heart" 5:18 (Warped Tour 2001 Compilation comp/Drunken Lullabies) s1d 2001 Dave King ("No ball and chain no prison")
Flogging Molly - "Salty Dog" 2:20 (Swagger/Side One Dummy sampler comp) s1d 2000 Dave King p-Dave King Band, Fastway
Flogging Molly - "Screaming At The Wailing Wall"
Flogging Molly - "Selfish Man LIVE in L.A." 2:34 (Warped Tour 2005 Compilation comp) s1d 2005 ("And life leads me here"/"I'll never understand why I'm such a selfish man")
Flogging Molly - "Seven Deadly Sins, The" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004
Flogging Molly - "Spoken Wheel, The" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004
Flogging Molly - "Swagger" (Alive Behind The Green Door/Whiskey On A Sunday) uns//s1d 1997 Dave King live
Flogging Molly - "To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)" 3:16 (Warped Tour 2004 Compilation: Stage 1 comp) s1d 2004 ("Say goodbye"/"Tell me why")
Flogging Molly - "Tomorrow Comes A Day Too Soon" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004
Flogging Molly - "What's Left Of The Flag" 3:38 (Drunken Lullabies/Vans Warped Tour 2002 Compilation: Stage II comp) s1d 2002 Dave King ("Walk away me boys")
Flogging Molly - "Worst Day Since Yesterday, The" 3:38 (Swagger/Side One Dummy sampler comp) s1d 2000 Dave King
Flogging Molly - "Wrong Company, The" (Within A Mile Of Home) s1d 2004
Flogging Molly---
Flogging Molly #1
Flogging Molly #2
Flogging Molly #3
Flood - (Flood)
Flood 9 - "Wonderland" 3:18 (Jailbait trk) uni/mca 2000 a-Floodnine??
Flood, Joe - "In The Meantime," unreleased 2005
Flood, Joe - (Cripplin' Crutch) diesel only 2001
Flood Ritual---
Flood Ritual #1
Flood Romeo---
Flood Romeo #1
Flood, The - "Cold, Cold World" midnight
Flood, The - "Two Shots Of Jealousy" midnight
Floodgate - "Shivering" (Penalty) roadrunner 96 p-Exhorder
Floodgate - "Through My Days Into My Nights" 3:44 rdrnner 96 Kyle Thomas
Floodplain Gang---
Floodplain Gang #1
Floodwire - "Insomniac" 3:36 2011
Floodwire #1
<-- Floodwire-->Floodwire #2
Floor - (Dove) noidea 2004 p-Dove, Torche or-1994
Floor ---
Floor #1
Floor Federations, The - "Music For The Masses" (DJ Warren Gluck - 'Global Groove' comp) 2000
Floored - "ESCM" 97 w/BT
Floorpunch - (EVR50: Equal Vision Sampler comp) equal vision 2000
Floorpunch - (Fast Times At The Jersey Shore) equal vision 2000
Flop - "En Route To The Unified Field Theory" (Whenever You're Ready) frt-550 music 1993
Flop - "Regrets" 3:14 (Whenever You're Ready) frt-550 music 1993
Floppias #1
Floppy Sounds - "Happening" (Short Term Memories) wave music 2001 a-Rob Rives p-Danny Tenaglia
Floppy Sounds - "Remote" (Short Term Memories) wave music 2001 a-Rob Rives
Floppy Sounds - "Stop And Think About It" (Short Term Memories) wave music 2001 a-Rob Rives
Floppy Sounds---
Floppy Sounds #1
Flora Y Fauna - "What's Up Samba" (Turistas film trk) 2006
Floraline - "Morningside" mintyfresh 1999 ("Unsuspectable")
Florance, Connye - (Connye Florance) leonrussell 2001 a-Connie Florance??
Florapop - (Sunshine Saturday) jam 2003 Mark & Lisa Flora
Florapop - (Sweet Tribute - Are You Ready Steve? comp) jam 2003 o-Sweet
Florapop #1
Florence Dore - (Perfect City) Slewfoot 2002
Florent Pagny - "La Ou Je T'Emmenerai" mrc 2006
Florentines, The - "Get Out Of Town" el
Florentines, The - "Lose That Long Face" el
Florentines, The - "Man Of Mine" el
Florentines, The - "Whisper Not" el
Flores, Danny - "You Are My Sunshine" 1957
Flores, Eileen - "Touch Me With Your Heart" (Freestyle Greatest Beats - The Complete Collection Volume 5 comp) tommyboy 1992
Flores, Hugo---
Hugo Flores #1
Flores, Nikki - "I Wanna Know You Like That" epc
Flores, Nikki - "Strike" (This Girl/Aquamarine trk) epc/sny 2006 Nikki Flores
Flores, Nikki---
Nikki Flores #1
Flores, Rosie - "Big River" (Dressed In Black: A Tribute To Johnny Cash comp) dualtone 2002 o-Johnny Cash
Flores, Rosie - "Bring It On" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999
Flores, Rosie - "Crying Over You"
Flores, Rosie - "Don't Say No"??? ("It ended when you said goodbye") o-
Flores, Rosie - "End Of The World, The" : (A Honky Tonk Reprise) Rosie Flores ("It ended when you said goodbye") or-
Flores, Rosie - "From Where I Stand" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999
Flores, Rosie - "I Ain't Never" (Caught In The Webb comp) audium 2002 o-Webb Pierce
Flores, Rosie - "In The Middle Of A Heartache" (Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration Of Wanda Jackson comp) bloodshot 2004 o-Wanda Jackson
Flores, Rosie - "Inside This Dance" (Por Vida: A Tribute To The Songs Of Alejandro Escovedo comp) ormusic 2004 o-Alejandro Escovedo
Flores, Rosie - "Little Bit More" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999
Flores, Rosie - "Man Downstairs, The" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999
Flores, Rosie - "Red, Red Robin" (The Bottle Let Me Down comp) bloodshot 2002 o-
Flores, Rosie - "Rockin' Around The Chistmas Tree"
Flores, Rosie - "Walkin' Dream"
Flores, Rosie - "We'll Survive" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999 a-Rockabilly Filly
Flores, Rosie - "Whenever I Get What I Want I Need A Little Bit More" (Dance Hall Dreams) ("I'd still be blue hoo hoo")
Flores, Rosie - "Who's Gonna Fix It Now" (Dance Hall Dreams) rounder 1999
Flores, Rosie - "You Tear Me Up" 1995
Flores, Rosie - (Bozo & Pals - Get Down with the Clown comp) Music for Little People 2003
Flores, Rosie - (Rockabilly Filly) hightone
Flores, Rosie - (Speed Of Sound) eminent 2001 a-(Speed Of Love)??
Flores, Rosie---
Rosie Flores #1
Rosie Flores #2
Rosie Flores #3
Florescents - "Facts Of Love, The" (single) 1959
Florescents - "Shoopy Pop A Doo" (single) 1959
Florian - "Funky House Hoover" newhouse
Florida Inc - "Fuck It"
Flory, Chris - (Blues in My Heart) Stony Plain 2003 w/Duke Robillard and Friends
Flossie And The Unicorns - (LMNOP) skingraft/t&g 1998 Miss Pussycat
Flossie And The Unicorns - (The Animals' Clubhouse) rhinestone/skin graft 2000
Floto Concept, The - "Taste Of Butterfly, A" uns 1998 ("I'd fly on you")
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Chemical Noose" (Unnatural Selection) mtb 1998
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Der Fuhrer" 5:45 Eric A.K.
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Desecrator" (Doomsday For The Deceiver) mtb 1986 p-Metallica
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Destructive Signs" (CMJ New Music Monthly - May 1995 comp) mca/cmj 1995
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Dig Me Up To Bury Me"
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Doomsday For The Deceiver" 9:08
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Dream Scape" (Unnatural Selection) mtb 1998
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Fade To Black" 2:04
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Hallucinational" (High) mtb 1997
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Liquid Noise" (Unnatural Selection) mtb 1998
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Monster" (High) mtb 1997
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Promise Keepers" (Unnatural Selection) mtb 1998
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Remember" 3:46 (Drift) mca 1995 ("I don't care what they say")
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin'" o-Elton John
Flotsam & Jetsam - "She Took An Axe" 5:13
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Smoked Out" (Drift) mca
Flotsam & Jetsam - "Wading Through Darkness"
Flotsam & Jetsam - (Live in Phoenix dvd) Deadline 2004
Flotsam & Jetsam - (My God) mtb 2001
Flotsam & Jetsam---
Flotsam And Jetsam #1
Flotsam And Jetsam #2
Flotsam And Jetsam #3
Flounder #1
Flounder #2
Flour - (Fourth and Final.) t&g 1994 a-Peter Conway
Flow - "Naruto - Go!!!" (Naruto tv theme song) ("We are fighting dreamers"/"Right here right now bang")
Flow #1
Flowchart - (Cumulus Mood Twang) carrot top 1997
Flowchart - darla records
Flower - (4 Songs) demo 1993
Flower Kings, The---
The Flower Kings #1
Flower Leperds
Flower Soup---
Flower Soup #1
Flower Soup #2
Flower, The - (two 45's, released as "Flower Power") a-Flower Power
Flower, The---
The Flower #1
Flowered Up - "It's On" (single) Liam Maher
Flowered Up - "Phobia" (single) Liam Maher
Flowerpot Men - "In A Moment Of Madness" (Bubblegum Classics: Vol. 5 comp) varese sarabande 1996 or-
Flowerpot Men---
Flowerpot Men #1
Flowers And Cops---
Flowers And Cops #1
Flowers, Pat - "Rock-Sock The Boogie" (That'll Flat Git It, Vol. 5 - DOT comp) bear 1956
Flowers, Phil - "Chapel On The Hill" (single 7") norton
Flowmotion #1
Flowofficial - "Hip-Hop" (Thatz How We Build)
Flowofficial - "Poli-Trixx" (Thatz How We Build)
Flowofficial #1
Floy Joy - "Weak In The Presence Of Beauty" (12"/Modern Grlstrk) vrg//wbr 1986
Floyd, Eddie - "634-5789" 3:29 w/Wilson Pickett, Johnny Lang & The Blues Brothers Band
Floyd, Eddie - "Big Bird" stax 1960's
Floyd, Eddie - "Bring It On Home To Me" stx 1968
Floyd, Eddie - "Consider Me" r-Mark Lanegan
Floyd, Eddie - "Don't Rock The Boat" stax 1960's
Floyd, Eddie - "I Never Met A Girl"
Floyd, Eddie - "I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)" stx 1968 Eddie Floyd
Floyd, Eddie - "Knock On Wood" (Wattstax: The Living Word comp) stx 1966 Eddie Floyd r-Eric Clapton
Floyd, Eddie - "Lay Your Loving on Me" (Wattstax: The Living Word comp) stax 1972
Floyd, Eddie - "Love Is A Doggone Good Thing" stax 1960's
Floyd, Eddie - "On A Saturday Night" stax 1960's
Floyd, Eddie - "Raise Your Hand" stx 1967
Floyd, Eddie - "Things Get Better" stax 1960's
Floyd, Eddie---
Eddie Floyd #1
Floyd, Frank, Harmonica - (The Missing Link) memphis international 2002 or-1979
Floyd, Gary - (Backdoor Preacher Man) innerstate 1999 p-The Dicks, Sister Double Happiness
Floyd, Gary---
Floyd, Gary #1
Floyd, King - "Groove Me" (The Last Soul Company comp) malaco 1999 or-
Floyd's Ordeal---
Floyd's Ordeal #1
Floyd's Ordeal #2
Flu 13 - uns 1999
Flu, The - "Disappear" 1994 IUMA
Flu Thirteen - (In The Foul Key Of V) themedicinelabel 1998
Fluchtreaktion #1
Fluf - "All The Fuckers Live In Newport Beach" (skyrocket 7") headhunter-cargo 1994 p-Olivelawn
Fluf - "Decorations For a Limb" r-Homer Banks
Fluf - "Got Everything" (CMJ New Music Monthly - February 1997 comp) way cool-mca//cmj 1997
Fluf - "I Hate You And Everyone That Looks Like You" 2:34 (Off The Wall Vol. VII comp) van 2004 ("Yeah I know you really really wanted to")
Fluf - "In D" o-Overwhelming Colorfast
Fluf - "Skyrocket" (skyrocket 7") headhunter-cargo 94 Mr. O
Fluf - "Something's Wrong" 2:48 (Road Rage/Honest Don's Greatest Shits comp) honest don's 1997 ("What else could we really do"/"I'll never ever be"/"You won't know wrong")
Fluf - (Home Improvements) headhunter-cargo 94 p-Olivelawn
Fluf - (Mangravy) headhunter-cargo 93
Fluf - (The Classic Years) headhunter-cargo 1995
Fluf #1---
Fluff The Kat #1
Fluffer #1
Fluffy - "Bed Of Vomit" Amanda Rootes punk
Fluffy - "Black Eye" (Black Eye/CMJ New Music Monthly - January 1997 comp) the enclave//cmj 1997 ("I'm gonna leave you")
Fluffy - (Starball Contribution comp) flying tart
Fluffy #1
Fluid ---
Fluid #1
Fluid Ounces - (Big Notebook For Easy Piano)
Fluid Ounces - (Foreign Legion) Raygun 2002
Fluid, The - "Candy" (b-side Nirvana's Molly's Lips single)
Fluid, The - "Oh Shit" (Something's Gone Wrong Again - The Buzzcocks Covers Compilation comp) czr o-Buzzcocks
Fluid Tuesday---
Fluid Tuesday #1
Fluke - "Absurd" 5:48 (La Femme Nikita trk/Senseless trk/Groove Radio Presents: Elektronik comp) tvt//gee st/priority 1997
Fluke - "Atom Bomb" (MTV Amp comp/The Saint trk/Senseless trk) astralwerks/caroline//vrg//gee st 1997
Fluke - "Pil" (The Saint trk) vrg 97
Fluke - "Reeferendrum" (Senseless trk) gee street 1998
Fluke - "Set Back" (Senseless trk) gee street 1998
Fluke - (Puppy) onelittleindian 2004
Flunch - "Pleasure Drive" (Smelladelica) j-b 97? Alternative
Flunk - "Blue Monday" (Walking Tall film trk) unr 2004 o-New Order
Flunk - "I've Been Waiting All My Life To Leave You" Kriztal Entertainment Group
Fluorescein - "Cathy's On Crank" (High Contrast Comedown/CMJ: New Music Monthly - March 1998 comp) dgc//cmj 1998
Fluorescents, The - "Facts Of Love, The" 1959
Fluorescents, The - "Shoopy Pop A Doo 1959
Fluoride #1
Flupejac - "Covet" (Like It Is) land speed 2001
Flupejac - "Gravy Train" (Like It Is) land speed 2001
Flupejac - "One To Go On" (Like It Is) land speed 2001
Flurtations, The - "Washing Machine, The" (East Side Revue [2 record set] comp) varesesarabande 1969
Flush - Pat Rossi
Flutie Brothers Band---
Flutie Brothers Band #1
Flutie Gang, The - "I've Had It All (Things That Make You Love Me)" (The Flutie Gang) frequency 1999 Doug Flutie
Flutie Gang, The - "Open Your Hearts" (The Flutie Gang) frequency 1999 Doug Flutie
Flutie Gang, The - "Ramblin' Scramblin' Man" (The Flutie Gang) frequency 1999 Doug Flutie o-Bob Seger-'Ramblin' Gamblin' Man''
Flutie Gang, The - "We're Gonna Win" (The Flutie Gang) frequency 1999 Doug Flutie
Flutter Bucket - p-Tharsis Rise
Flutter Bucket---EMAIL
Flutter Bucket---
Flutter Bucket #1
Fluttr Effect---
Fluttr Effect #1
Flux - "Leave You Down" (2 song demo) 1998 Laura Jean Volpe
Flux - "Lying by the Violets" 1997 Laura Jean Volpe IUMA
Flux - "Velvet" (Leave You Down) uns 1998 Laura Jean Volpe ("Don't let me go")
Flux Capacitor - "Sasshe" 11:00 (The Emo Diaries - Chapter 4: An Ocean Of Doubt comp) deep elm 2000 instrumental
Flux Capacitor---EMAIL
Flux Capacitor---
Flux Capacitor #1
Flux Delux---
Flux Delux #1
Flux Information Sciences - (Private/Public) young god 2001
Flux Information Sciences---
Flux Information Sciences #1
Flux Minor---
Flux Minor #1
Flux Of Pink Indians - "" ('Fits and Starts' - Epileptics split) Dr.Strange 2003
Flux Of Pink Indians - "" (Neu Smell ep) crass 1981
Flux Of Pink Indians - "" (Taking A Liberty ep) spiderleg 1985
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Background Of Malfunction" Colin Latter p-Epileptics/Epi-X
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Blinded By Science"
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Children Who Know" (Uncarved Block) oli 1986 a-Flux
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Fun Is Over" (Fits And Starts) 2003
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Just Is" (Treat/Uncarved Block) 1986
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Myxomatosis" (Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible/Not So Brave) 1982
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Punk/Mind Fuckers Fucking Minds/Hard Sell/Love Song/Mickey Tuneoil" (The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks/Taking A Liberty) 1984
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Sick Butchers" (Live Statement) 2000
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout"
Flux Of Pink Indians - "Value Of Nothing, The" (Uncarved Block) 1986
Flux, The---
Flux, The #1
The Flux #2
Fluxedo Junction---EMAIL
Fluxedo Junction---
Fluxedo Junction #1
Fluxedo Will - uns 2001
Fluxuation - James Dewees p-Common Denominator, Reggie And The Full Effect

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