"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Forelorn #1
Foremen, The - "Lazin' in the Shade (of the Information Super-Highway)" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 3 comp)
Forensics - (On A Bridge Atop The Heap Of Friends Who Jumped) magicbullet 2004
Forensics #1
Foreseen #1
Foreseen #2
Foresight #1
Foreskin 500 - "Superfamily" (/CMJ New Music Monthly - August 1996 comp) Priority//cmj 1996
Foreskins, The - Plastic Gangsters" local metal WNYU
Forest, Earl - "Fifty Three" (Last Night's Dream single 78) duke 1953
Forest, Earl - "Last Night's Dream" (single 78) duke 1953
Forest, Earl - "Pretty Bessie" (Whoopin' And Hollerin single 78) Duke 1953
Forest, Earl - "Whoopin' And Hollerin" (single 78) Duke 1953
Forest For The Trees - "Dream" (Forest For The Trees) dreamworks 1997 ("It's just a dream") Carl Stephenson
Forest For The Trees - "Fall" (Forest For The Trees)
Forest For The Trees - (Jellyfish) 2001
Forest For The Trees---
Forest For The Trees #1
Forest Mighty Black, A - (Compost Community comp) compost 2001
Forest Mighty Black, A - (Compost One Hundred) compost 2001
Forest Mighty Black, A---
A Forest Mighty Black #1
Forest Of Impaled---
Forest of Impaled #1
Forest Stream - "Last Season Purity" (Tears Of Mortal Solitude) earache 2003
Forest Stream - "Legend" (Tears Of Mortal Solitude) earache 2003
Forest Stream - "Snowfall" (Tears Of Mortal Solitude) earache 2003
Forever And A Day - (Eulogy/Good Life Recordings Budget Sampler comp) good life/eulogy 2000
Forever And A Day - (The Art Of Creation) eulogy 2001
Forever Changed - (The Need To Feel Alive) floodgate 2005
Forever Changed---
Forever Changed #1
Forever Changed #2
Forever Einstein - (Racket Science) cuneiform 2005
Forever Einstein---
Forever Einstein #1
Forever Everly - "Bird Dog" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "Claudette" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "Devoted To You" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "Let It Be Me" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "Wake Up Little Suzie" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "Walk Right Back" o-Everly Brothers
Forever Everly - "When Will I Be Loved?"
Forever Falling - "Athena" 6:05 (Heaven Help Me) uns 2003 Robert Upham ("She's beautiful and precious")
Forever Falling---EMAIL
Forever Falling---
Forever Falling #1
Forever Gold Rush---
Forever Is Forgotten #1
Forever Seems Further - (The Emo Diaries - Chapter Four: An Ocean Of Doubt comp) deep elm 2000
Forever The Sickest Kids - "Hey Brittany"
Forever The Sickest Kids---
Forever The Sickest Kids #1
Forever Times---
Forever Times #1
Forever Untouched---
Forever Untouched #1
Forever Wings Fold - (We Are The Media ep) uns 2007
Forever Wings Fold---
Forever Wings Fold #1
Foreverinmotion - (The Beautiful Unknown) 111 2006
ForeverInMotion - "Hot Air Balloon" 4:18 (Topshelf Records 2006 Northeast Sampler comp) topshelf 2006
Foreverinmotion #1
Foreverinmotion #2
ForeverInMotion #3
Forewarned #1
Forgas Band Phenomena---
Forgas Band Phenomena #1
Forge - (Pop O.D. - The Songs Of Iggy Pop comp) static 1999 o-Iggy Pop
Forge - (Trials) static 1999
Forge #1
Forge #2
Forgemasters - "Track With No Name" warp
Forget33 #1
Forgive Durden - "Ants" (Fueled By Ramen & Decaydance: Summer Of 2006 Audio Sampler comp/Wonderland) fbr 2006
Forgive Durden - (Wonderland) fbr 2006
Forgive Durden---
Forgive Durden #1
Forgive Durden #2
Forgotten Gods - (Redefine The Rockstar: Volume 2 comp) 3:16 2000
Forgotten Rebels, The---
The Forgotten Rebels #1
Forgotten Soul - HARD ROCK IUMA
Forgotten Sun---
Forgotten Sun #1
Forgotten, The - "Air Raid" (Keep The Corpses Quiet) tko 2000
Forgotten, The - "Fists Up!" (Veni Vidi Vicci/Purch Drunk comp) tko 1999
Forgotten, The - "Fools For His Pleasure" : (L'aldila) uns 2001
Forgotten, The - "Get Out" (Keep The Corpses Quiet) tko 2000
Forgotten, The - "Grave, The" (Eat The Evidence III comp) mortal coil 1998
Forgotten, The - "Just Before Dawn" : (L'aldila) uns 2001
Forgotten, The - "Keep The Corpses Quiet" : (Punch Drunk 2 40mk comp) tko
Forgotten, The - "Never Accepted" (Punx Unite: Leaders Of Today comp) s1d 2005
Forgotten, The - "No Way To Live" (Control Me) byo-caroline 2002 Gordy p-Rancid, Blink-182
Forgotten, The - "Outsider" (Keep The Corpses Quiet) tko 2000
Forgotten, The - "Respect & Lies" 3:35 (Control Me/Sample This, Too! comp) byo 2002
Forgotten, The - "Return To Mussusanckt" : (L'aldila) uns 2001
Forgotten, The - "Your Generation" (Punch Drunk III comp) tko 2001
Forgotten, The - (Cheap Shots And Low Blows comp) tko 2001
Forgotten, The - (Control Me) byo 2002 p-The Transplants, Lars Fredriksen
Forgotten, The - (Keep The Corpses Quiet) 2000
Forgotten, The - (Old Skars & Upstarts 2002 comp) disaster 2003
Forgotten, The - (Out Of Print) byo 2003
Forgotten, The - (Punch Drunk comp) tko 1999
Forgotten, The - (Scene Killer comp) outsider 1998
Forgotten, The---
The Forgotten #1
The Forgotten #2
The Forgotten #3
The Forgotten #4
Forgotten Toys---
Forgotten Toys #1
Forin Dogma---
Forin Dogma #1
Fork #1
Forkner, Adam C. - ([[[Version]]]) K 2003
Form Of Rocket - (Lumber) some 2004
Form Of Rocket - (Se Puede Despedir A Todo) some 2002
Form Of Rocket - newsome 2004
Form Of Rocket---
Form Of Rocket #1
Formaldehyde #1
Format, The - "First Single (You Know Me), The" (Interventions And Lullabies) elk 2003
Format, The - "Let's Make This Moment A Crime" (Interventions And Lullabies) elk 2003
Format, The - "Oceans" (Dog Problems) nettwerk 2006 p-Sam Means, Nate Ruess
Format, The - "Simple Twist Of Fate" (Listen To Bob Dylan: A Tribute Complete comp) drivethru 2005 o-Bob Dylan
Format, The - "Sore Thumb" (Interventions And Lullabies) elk 2003
Format, The - "Time Bomb"
Format, The - "Yellow Submarine" (Dog Problems) nettwerk 2006 o-The Beatles
Format, The - (Drive-Thru Records And PureVolume.Com: Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know comp) drivethru 2005
Format, The - (ep) 2003
Format, The---
The Format #1
The Format #2
The Format #3
The Format #4
Formerly - (Into Uncertainty ep) yawn 2001
Formerly Brothers, The - (The Return Of The Formerly Brothers) stnypln 1988 p-Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornados, Paul Butterfield's Better Days, Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Blasters
Formigas No Cio---
Formigas no Cio #1
Forming Nouns---
Forming Nouns #1
Forms, The - (Icarus) threespheres 2003
Forms, The---
The Forms #1
Formula 1---
Formula 1 #1
Formula 5---
Formula 5 #1
Formula One---
Formula One #1
Formula One #2
Forq #1
Forrest, Jimmy - "Big Dip" (single 78) United 1950's
Forrest, Jimmy - "My Buddy" (Big Dip single 78) United 1950's
Forrest, Jimmy - "Night Train" (Night Train) dmk 1951 r-James Brown
Forrest, Jimmy - "Soul Street" r-James Carter
Forrest, Jimmy---
Jimmy Forrest #1
Forrest, Vicki - "Hard Day's Night, A"
Forrest, Vicki - "Sugartown"
Forrester, Bobby, Group - Ernie Byrd
Forrester, Bobby, Group---
Bobby Forrester Group #1
Forrester Sisters - "Men"
Forrester Sisters - "You Again"
Forro In The Dark - "Asa Branca" (Bonfires Of Sao Joao) w/David Byrne
Forro In The Dark - "Indio Do Norte" (Bonfires Of Sao Joao)
Forro In The Dark - "Wandering Swallow" (Bonfires Of Sao Joao) w/Bebel Gilberto
Forsaken, The - "Blackened" (Traces Of The Past) centmedia 2004 o-Metallica
Forsaken, The - "Creeping Death" (Traces Of The Past) centmedia 2004 o-Metallica
Forsaken, The - (Arts Of Desolation) centmedia 2002
Forsaken, The - (Manifest Of Hate) cent media 2001
Forsaken, The---
The Forsaken #1
Forsberg, Ebba - "Lost Count" (/CMJ: New Music Monthly - May 1998 comp) mav//cmj 1998
Forsberg, Ebba - "Photographs" (Been There)? maverick 1998 ("I will think of you"/"Yes I do really love you"/"been there")????
Forsch, Ferdinand - (4Cage) artelier 2000
Forsch, Ferdinand---EMAIL
Forstella Ford - (Well Versed In Deception) one day savior 2003
Forstella Ford---
Forstella Ford #1
Forstella Ford #2
Forster, John - "Entering Marion" (Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection comp)
Forster, John - (Big League Babe: The Christine Lavin Tribute Album, Pt. 2 comp) prime 2001 o-Christine Lavin
Forster, Robert - (Calling From A Country Phone)
Forster, Robert - (Danger In The Past) p-Go-Betweens
Forster, Robert - (I Had A New York Girlfriend)
Forster, Robert - (Warm Nights)
Forster, Robert And Grant McLennan - "Baby Stones" (Intermission: The Best Of The Sold Recordings 1990-1997) bnq 2007
Forster, Robert And Grant McLennan - "Haven't I Been A Fool" (Intermission: The Best Of The Sold Recordings 1990-1997) bnq 2007
Forsyth, Charles And James Kelley - "Call Of The South" (Gennett Records Greatest Hits, Vol III comp) 2003 w/Walter Anderson and His Golden Pheasant Orchestra or-
Forsyth, David---
David Forsyth #1
Forsyth, Guy - antone-siw 1998
Forsythe, Guy - (Stake) amtones 2001 ("I'm gonna catch you sometimes")
Fort Dix---
Fort Dix #1
Fort Eeire - (Translation: Music comp) don lee 2001
Fort Minor - "Back Home" (The Rising Tied) themachineshop/wbr 2005 Mike Shinoda p-Linkin Park
Fort Minor - "Kenji" (The Rising Tied) wbr 2005
Fort Minor - "Petrified" (The Rising Tied) wbr 2005
Fort Minor - "Remember The Name" (The Rising Tied) wbr 2005 ("Ten percent luck twenty percent skill")
Fort Minor - "Right Now" Machine Shop 2006
Fort Minor - "Where'd You Go" (single/The Rising Tied) machineshop/wbr 2005 ("Please come back home") w/Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga
Fort Mudge Memorial Dump - "Crystal Forms" 5:47 (Fort Mudge Memorial Dump) mrc 1969
Fortado, Tony - "If I Had A Boat" ("Me up on my pony on my boat")
Forté ---
Forté #1
Forté, John - "All The Pretty People" (I, John) transparent//kinetic 2002
Forté, John - "Been There Done That" (I, John) transparent//kinetic 2002
Forté, John - "Ninety Nine" (D.J. Mix 99 comp) beast 1998
Forth Yeer Freshman---
Forth Yeer Freshman #1
Forthcoming #1
Fortier, Chris - (Bedrock Compiled And Mixed) bedrock 2002
Fortitude #1
Fortran 5---
Fortran 5 #1
Fortunado - "HJ In The Dancehall" 4:28 (More Bang For Your Buck 3: Summer Sampler 2006 comp) asbestos 2006
Fortunate Sons---
Fortunate Sons #1
Fortunate, The - (Get Up, You Dead) torque 2007
Fortunate, The---
The Fortunate #1
Fortunato - Jamie Goldfarb & Pedro Vasquez
Fortunato #1
Fortunato #2
Fortune & Maltese - "Twomp, The" : (Swingin' Creepers! A Tribute To The Ventures comp) musick 2001
Fortune Band, The - "Airwaves" 3:46 (LastAmer.Virgin)cbs 1982
Fortune, Johnny - "Siboney" 1963
Fortune, Johnny - "Soul Surfer" 1963
Fortune, Lance - "Be Mine" (The Musical Adventures Of Joe Meek comp) kenwest 1960
Fortune, Lance - "This Love I Have for You"
Fortune, Robert, Band - "Mexico" (Suretone Records: Texas Tea comp) suretone 2007
Fortuneers, The - "Look A-There" 1963
Fortunes - "How Clever Of You" (single) 1958
Fortunes - "Steady Vows" (single) 1959
Fortunes - "Tarnished Angel" (single) decca 1958
Fortunes - "Who Cares?" (single/Tarnished Angel single) decca 1958
Fortunes, The - "Freedom Come, Freedom Go"
Fortunes, The - "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again" 2:55 (Rhythm Of The Rain) vsr 1971
Fortunes, The---
Fortunes #1

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