"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Marx, Dan - uns 1999
Marx, Dan---EMAIL
Marx, Dan---
Dan Marx #1
Marx, Groucho - "Hooray For Captain Spaulding" (Dr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time - Vol. I: The 1940's comp) rhn 1940's
Marx, Melinda - "What" 1965 note-Groucho's daughter
Marx, Richard - "Angelina"
Marx, Richard - "At The Beginning" (Anastasia trk) atl 1997 Richard Marx w/Donna Lewis
Marx, Richard - "Beautiful" 3:47 (Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute To Carole King comp) lava/atl 1995 o-Carole King
Marx, Richard - "Calling You" (Rush Street)
Marx, Richard - "Don't Mean Nothing" 4:41 (self) 87 ("Till you sign it on the dotted line")
Marx, Richard - "Endless Summer Nights" 4:30 88
Marx, Richard - "For You" r-Monica & 112
Marx, Richard - "Have Mercy" (Richard Marx) 1987 Richard Marx
Marx, Richard - "Hazard" (Drive On comp)
Marx, Richard - "Heaven Only Knows" (Richard Marx) Richard Marx
Marx, Richard - "Hold On To The Night" 1997?
Marx, Richard - "Keep Coming Back" (Rush Street)
Marx, Richard - "Nothin' You Can Do About It" 89
Marx, Richard - "Nothing Left Behind Us"
Marx, Richard - "Now And Forever" cap 1994
Marx, Richard - "Perfect Day" r-Chris Botti
Marx, Richard - "Power Inside Of Me, The" (Mirror Has Two Faces trk) w/Keith Thomas
Marx, Richard - "Real World" (Repeat Offender)
Marx, Richard - "Rhythm Of Life" (Richard Marx)
Marx, Richard - "Right Here Waiting" (Repeat Offender) emi 1989 Richard Marx r-Lorindo, Monica, Westlife
Marx, Richard - "Satisfied" 4:13 (Repeat Offender) 1989
Marx, Richard - "Should've Known Better" 4:09 (self)mnh87
Marx, Richard - "Someone Special" (Days In Avalon) signal21 2000 Richard Marx
Marx, Richard - "Straight From My Heart" (Days In Avalon) signal21 2000 Richard Marx w/Alison Krauss
Marx, Richard - "Superstar" (Rush Street)
Marx, Richard - "Take This Heart"
Marx, Richard - "There's No Easy Way Out" (Rocky IV trk)
Marx, Richard - "Too Late To Say Goodbye" 90
Marx, Richard - "Waiting For Your Love" (Days In Avalon) signal21 2000 Richard Marx
Marx, Richard - "When You're Gone" (My Own Best Enemy) manhattan 2004 Richard Marx w/Keith Urban
Marx, Richard - (My Own Best Enemy) EMI/Capitol 2004
Marx, Richard---
Richard Marx #1
Mary - "Love @ 1st Sight" (Mary) gef 2003 Mary w/Method Man
Mary - "Ooh!" (Mary) gef 2003 Mary
Mary ---
Mary #1
Mary #2
Mary #3
Mary And The Desirables - 1960's
Mary Austen---
Mary Austen #1
Mary Beth - (A More Perfect World/Dawson's Creek tv trk) 2001
Mary Beth---
Mary Beth #1
Mary Carves The Chicken - uns 2003
Mary Fucking Anns---
Mary Fucking Anns #1
Mary Jane---
Mary jane #1
Mary Janes---
Mary Janes #1
Mary Lee's Corvette - "Save Me" Mary Lee Cortez
Mary Lee's Corvette - "Why Don't You Leave Him" (True Lovers Of Adventure) wild hitch 1999 Mary Lee Cortez
Mary Lee's Corvette - "You Turned Me Out" Mary Lee Cortez r-Pointer Sisters
Mary Lee's Corvette - (Blood on the Tracks) Bar/None 2002
Mary Lee's Corvette - (Mary Lee's Corvette) 1997 Mary Lee Cortez
Mary Love - "Sacrifice" 1995 IUMA
Mary Mary - "Can't Give It Up Now" (Thankful) c2/col 2000
Mary Mary - "Good To Me" (Thankful) c2/col 2000
Mary Mary - "I Sings" (Thankful) c2/col 2000
Mary Mary - "Shackles (Praise You)" (Thankful/Now! Volume Forty Six comp/Victor Calderone's E-vc2 Vol. 2 comp/Platinum Hits 2000 comp) cd//tommy boy silver 2000
Mary Mary - "Shackles" (Mary Mary/Soul Food - The Best R&B Of 2000 comp) word//def soul 2000 Mary Mary
Mary Mary - "Still My Child" (Thankful) c2 2000
Mary Mary - (In the Morning) Columbia 2002
Mary Mary - (Incredible) col 2002 Erica & Tina Campbell
Mary Mary - (Kingdom Come trk) gospocentric 2001
Mary Phaser 88---
Mary Phaser 88 #1
Mary Prankster---
Mary Prankster #1
Mary Pranksters---
Mary Pranksters #1
Mary Tyler Morphine---
Mary Tyler Morphine #1
Mary Tyler Morphine #2
Mary's Danish - "Don't Crash The Car Tonight" 1989
Mary's Danish - "Julie's Blanket (pigsheadsnakeface)" 1991
Mary's Danish - "Leave It Alone" 1992 Julie Ritter
Mary's Eyes---
Mary's Eyes #1
Mary's Magnet - "Stop Time" (Stop Time/After Emergency Relief Volume I comp) 2001
Mary's Magnet---
Mary's Magnet #1
Maryam Mursal - "Somali Udiida Ceb" (CMJ: New Music Monthly - July 1998 comp) RealWorld-Caroline//cmj 1998
Maryanne - (Your First Your Last Your Everyting) contingency 1999 David Slutes p-Sand Rubies, Sidewinders
Maryanne #1
Maryslim - "No Beast So Fierce"
Maryslim - "You Got An Attitude"
Marz - "Hooray For The Bad Guy" (Lung Fu Mo She) emagine 2000 Bobby Hukic p-Ministry
Marz - "In The Mud" (Lung Fu Mo She) e-magine 2000 Zlatko 'Bobby' Hukic p-Ministry
Marz - "Out Of The Cage" (Tough Enough 2 tv trk) gef 2002
Marz - "Slide" (Lung Fu Mo She) e-magine 2000 Zlatko 'Bobby' Hukic
Marz #1
Marzeepan #1
Mas, Carolyn - "Stillsane" (Carolyn Mas)
Mas, Carolyne---
Mas, Carolyne #1
Mas Optica
Masacre #1
Masada String Trio - "Bikkurim" 3:24 (Festival Of Light comp/Bar Kokhba) isl//tzadik 1996
Masakatsu, Takagi - (Pia) carpark 2001
Masakatsu, Takagi---
Takagi Masakatsu #1
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell - (Satanstornade) warp 2002 p-Merzbow
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell---
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell #1
Masaru - (Forcefeed comp) 409 2003
Masaru #1
Mascis, J. - "Blowin' It" (Martin & Me) rep p-Dinosaur Jr.
Mascis, J. - "Free So Free" (Free So Free) ultimatum 2002 J. Mascis w/The Fog
Mascis, J. - "Freedom" (Free So Free) ultimatum 2002 J. Mascis w/The Fog
Mascis, J. - "I Want You Bad" (The Q People comp) spirithouse 2004 o-NRBQ
Mascis, J. - "I'm Not Fine" (More Light) ultimatum//artemis 2000 J Mascis w/Bob Pollard (GBV) w/The Fog
Mascis, J. - "I've Had It" 2004 w/The Fog o-Black Flag
Mascis, J. - "More Light" (More Light) ultimatum 2000 J Masacis w/Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) w/The Fog
Mascis, J. - "Same Day" (More Light) ultimatum 2000 w/Bob Pollard (GBV) w/The Fog
Mascis, J. - "Take A Run At The Sun" (Grace Of My Heart trk) 1996 o-Beach Boys
Mascis, J. - "Where'd You Go" (CMJ New Music Monthly - December 2000 comp) //cmj 2000 J. Mascis w/The Fog
Mascis, J.---
J Mascis #2
J Mascis #1
J. Mascis #3
Mascolo, Tony - "Hit Me Harder" modern voices 2001
Mascolo, Tony - "I Want Love" mvo 1997
Mascolo, Tony - "Where Do We Go From Here?" mvo 1998
Mascott - (Follow The Sound) le grand magistery 2000
Mascott #1
Mase - SEE MA$E
Masekela, Hugh - "Bo Masakela" (60) 2000 instrumental
Masekela, Hugh - "Grazing In The Grass" (I Shot Andy Warhol trk) tag/atl 1968 instrumental
Masekela, Hugh - (Black To The Future)
Masekela, Hugh - (Sixty)
Masekela, Hugh - (Time) Columbia 2002
Masen, Sarah - "Heaven's Got A Baby" 4:28 (Happy Christmas: A BEC Holiday Collection comp) bec 1998 Sarah Masen
Masen, Sarah - (Sarah Masen) re:think
Maseo - "Words And Verbs" (Hip Hop 101 comp) black/tommy boy 2000 w/Kovas
Maserati - (Confines of Heat) Kindercore 2003 w/The Mercury Program
Maserati - (The Language Of Cities) kindercore 2002
Maserati #1
Mashay, Pepper - "Here's To Life" 04:43 (Divine Divas comp) 2000
Mashers #1
Mashlin - (Pushing Through The Seasons) oneeleven 2005
Mashlin #1
Mashmakhan - "As The Years Go By" 3:02 1970
Mashonda - "Ghetto Love" (The Swizz Beatz Presents G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories comp) drmwks 2002 Mashonda w/LL Cool J
Mashu - (Elephants In Your Head?)
Mashu #1
Mashu #2
Masi - "Blue Morning Blue Day" (Eternal Stuggle) lion 2002 p-Alexi Masi o-Foreigner
Masi - "Excerpts From A Random Horizon" (Eternal Stuggle) lion 2002 instrumental p-Dark Lord
Masi ---
Masi #1
Masi, Alex - (Warmth In The Wilderness - The Jason Becker Tribute CD comp) lion 2001
Masi, Alex---
Alex Masi #1
Masi, Alexi - (Fire In The Rain) mtb 1987 p-Dark Lord
Masi, Alexi - (In The Name Of Bach) 2000
Masked Marauders, The
Masochist Halo - "Diamond" (Soul Rift) uns 2002
Masochist Halo - "Don't Mix Too Fine" (Soul Rift) uns 2002 w/Hillary Bernstein
Masochist Halo - "Plastic Metal" (Soul Rift) uns 2002
Masochist Halo---
Masochist Halo #1
Mason, Barbara - "" (Greatest Hits - Expanded Edition) E2 2003 w/James Ingram
Mason, Barbara - "Another Man" (Gay Dancing comp)
Mason, Barbara - "Are You Ready"
Mason, Barbara - "Bed And Board" bddh 72
Mason, Barbara - "From His Woman To You"
Mason, Barbara - "I'm Ready" ("To fall in love"/"I don't even know how")
Mason, Barbara - "Oh, How It Hurts" arctic 68
Mason, Barbara - "Yes, I'm Ready"
Mason, Barbara ---
Barbara Mason #1
Mason, Barbara Jo - 1960's
Mason, Ben - "River Deep In Me" 1994 IUMA
Mason, Bonnie Jo - 1960's a-Cher
Mason, Dave - "All Along The Watchtower" 4:03 (Dave Mason/Live at the Sunrise dvd) col//Image Entertainment 1974 Dave Mason o-Bob Dylan
Mason, Dave - "Bring It On Home To Me" 2:55 (Dave Mason) col 1974 o-Sam Cooke p-Traffic
Mason, Dave - "Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving" 3:01 (Hdkpr)
Mason, Dave - "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" o-Buddy Holly
Mason, Dave - "Don't It Make You Wonder" ()
Mason, Dave - "Every Woman" 3:02 (self) co 1974 Dave Mason
Mason, Dave - "Feelin' Alright?" 6:22 (Headkeeper) blthm/abc 72
Mason, Dave - "Headkeeper" 4:39 (Headkeeper/Dave Mason) blthm/abc 1972 Dave Mason ("Don't you know it's you"/"Keeping ahead of the")
Mason, Dave - "Just A Song" 2:54 (Headkeeper)
Mason, Dave - "Let It Go, Let It Flow"3:15(LetItFlow)co1977
Mason, Dave - "Look At You Look At Me" (Alone Together)
Mason, Dave - "Misty Morning Stranger" ()
Mason, Dave - "Mystic Traveller" ()
Mason, Dave - "Only You Know And I Know"4:21(AloneTgthr)blthmb70
Mason, Dave - "Paralyzed" 3:38 (Old Crest On A New Wave) co 80
Mason, Dave - "Pearly Queen" 3:29 (Headkeeper)
Mason, Dave - "Sad And Deep As You" 3:35
Mason, Dave - "Satin Red And Black Velvet Women"(AloneTog)blth70
Mason, Dave - "Save Me" (Best of - Long Lost Friend) col 1980
Mason, Dave - "Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave" 6:00
Mason, Dave - "Show Me Some Affection" 4:18
Mason, Dave - "So High (Rock Me Baby And Roll Me Away)" 4:09 (Let It Flow) co 77
Mason, Dave - "Something In The Heart" 87
Mason, Dave - "Takin' The Time To Find" ()
Mason, Dave - "Waitin' On You" 3:01
Mason, Dave - "We Just Disagree" 3:00 (Let It Flow) co 1977
Mason, Dave - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" 5:05 (Mariposa De Oro) col 1978 Dave Mason o-The Shirelles
Mason, Dave - "World In Changes" 4:32 ()
Mason, Dave - (It's Like You Never Left) 1973
Mason, Dave---
Dave Mason #1
Mason, Harvey - "Groovin' You" ars 1979
Mason, Harvey - (Trios import) 2003
Mason, Harvey - (With All My Heart) bluebird 2004 a-(Trios)
Mason, James - "Shadow" (Rhino's - "Scary Stories", Frightening Tales for Halloween. Compiled by Dr. Demento comp) wr-Edgar Allan Poe
Mason Jennings Band---
Mason Jennings Band #1
Mason, Marilyn - "Golden Years" o-David Bowie
Mason, Marilyn - "Mind Of A Lunatic" (This Is The New Shit import single) 2003
Mason, Marilyn - "This Is The New Shit" 2003
Mason, Melanie - "Devil Chose Me, The" (Bendin' The Blues)
Mason, Melanie - "Work Your Magic" (Bendin' The Blues)
Mason, Melanie---
Melanie Mason #1
Mason, Nick & Rick Fenn - "Lie For A Lie" 85
Mason, Nick---
Nick Mason #1
Mason, Pat---
Pat Mason #1
Mason Proffit - "Two Hangmen" (Mason Proffitt - Wanted/Come & Gone import)
Mason Proffit - (Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream) woundedbird 1970's
Mason Proffit---
Mason Proffit #1
Mason, Vaughn And Crew - "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll (Part 1)" Brunswick 1979
Mason, Willy - "Fear No Pain" (Where The Humans Eat) teamlove 2004
Mason, Willy - "Oxygen" (City Folk Live Volume VII comp) 2005 Willy Mason live
Mason, Willy---
Willy Mason #1
Mason-James, Sylvia - "Touch Me In The Morning" 7:18/4:52 (Winter Party 1998 comp/Joy - 'Pride And Joy' - Volume 2 comp) centaur//central station 1998
Masquerade - (Flux) mtb 2001
Masquerade #1
Masquerades, The - "Fanessa" 1964

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