"Let The Music Do The Talking!"

Which Doctor?---
Which Doctor? #1
Which Way Is Home - (Are You Listening? ep) uns 2007 Eric Nicolau
Which Way Is Home---
Which Way Is Home #1
Whigfield - "I Want To Love"
Whigfield - "No Tears To Cry" 5:28 (Free To Be Volume 3 comp) shock import
Whigfield - "Saturday Night"
Whigs, The - "Already Young" (Mission Control) ato 2008 Parker Gispert
Whigs, The - "Can't Hear You Coming"
Whigs, The - "Hundred/Million"
Whigs, The - "In The Dark" (In The Dark) 2010
Whigs, The - "Kill Me Carolyne" (In The Dark) 2010
Whigs, The - "Like A Vibration" (Mission Control) ato 2008
Whigs, The---
The Whigs #1
While - "Chase" : (Even) chocolate industries 2001
While - "Hive" : (Even) chocolate industries 2001
While - (MASK 400 comp)
While She Sleeps - "Be(lie)ve" (This Is The Six) searchanddestroy 2013 Lawrence 'Loz' Taylor
While She Sleeps---
While She Sleeps #1 #1
While She Sleeps-->While She Sleeps #2
While #1
Whim Punk---
Whim Punk #1
Whim Punk #2
Whimsical Will - "Bart Simpson Rap"
Whimsical Will - "Demented News"
Whimsical Will - "Hey Phantom Menace!" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 8 comp)
Whimsical Will - "Trip to Jurassic Park, A" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 2 comp)
Whimsical Will---
Whimsical Will #1
Whip, The - "Save My Soul" (X Marks Destination) r&t 2009 Bruce Carter
Whip, The - "Sirens" (X Marks Destination) r&t 2009 Bruce Carter
Whip, The---
The Whip #1
Whiplash #1
Whippasnappa #1
Whipped - "Friend, A" 1994 IUMA
Whipped #1
Whipped #2
Whippersnapper - "" 3:10 (Songs About Chicks! comp) tank 1999 ("To show you the way"/"You'll always be my friend")
Whippersnapper - "My Generation" 3:19 (GEMS comp) lobster 2007
Whippersnapper - "New Chapter, A" 2:42 (No-Fi Trash comp) floppycow//suburbanhome 2000
Whippersnapper - "Steady The Walls" 3:26 (From Brooklyn With Love comp) dying wish 2002 ("We can let it go"/"Not afraid to fall in"/"Is this the end")
Whippersnapper - (Appearances Wear Thin) fbr 2002
Whippersnapper - (Greetings comp) lobster 2002
Whippersnapper - (No Fi Trash comp) floppy cow//suburban home 2001
Whippersnapper - (The Long Walk) lobster 1999
Whippersnapper #1
Whippersnapper #2
Whippersnapper #3
Whippersnapper #4
Whippersnapper #5
Whipping Boy - "Twinkle"
Whipsaws, The - "Jessi Jane"
Whirimako Black - "Whine Whakiaro" (Putumayo Presents South Pacific Islands comp) putumayo 2004
Whirlers - "Magic Mirror" (single) 1957
Whirlers - "Tonight And Forever" (single) 1957
Whirlhaus - "Area Fifty One" 1996 (Beaufort 40) 2001
Whirlhaus #1
Whirligig - (Spin) Lisa Moscatiello
Whirligig - (Wheel) Lisa Moscatiello
Whirligig #1
Whirling Dervishes, The - "You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch" (Wish It Would Snow comp) wr-Dr. Seuss Geisel & Albert Hague
Whirling Diva---
Whirling Diva #1
Whirlpools, The - "I Love You Madly (Little Girl)" a-Cleftones
Whirlwind - "Full Time Thing (Between Dusk and Dawn)" Roulette 1976
Whirlwind Groove---
Whirlwind Groove #1
Whirlwind Heat - "Decals On My Sticker"
Whirlwind Heat - "Green" (Do Rabbits Wonder?) thirdman/v2 2002 David Swanson
Whirlwind Heat - "You're Pretty Good Looking" (The Hot Chick trk) Hollywood 2002
Whirlwind Heat - (Flamingo Honey) Dim Mak 2004
Whirlwind Heat - (Types Of Wood) brille 2006
Whirlwind Heat---
Whirlwind Heat #1
Whirlwind Heat #2
Whirlwind Heat #3
Whirr - "Around" (Around ep) graveface 2013 Kristina Esfandiari & Loren Rivera
Whirr - "Drain" (Around ep) graveface 2013 Kristina Esfandiari & Loren Rivera
Whirr - "Junebouvier" 3:51 (Part Time Punks Sesssions 7" ep/Run For Cover Records 2013 Summer Sampler comp) runforcover 2013
Whirr - "Swoon" (Around ep) graveface 2013 Kristina Esfandiari & Loren Rivera
Whirr - "Twist" (Run For Cover Records Summer Sampler 2012 comp) runforcover 2012 instrumental
Whirr #1
Whish #1
Whiskey & Co. - (Rust Colors) noidea 2010
Whiskey & Co. - (Whiskey & Co.) noidea 2004
Whiskey & Co.---
Whiskey & Co. #1
Whiskey David - "Whiskey"
Whiskey Dick---
Whiskey Dick #1
Whiskey High---
Whiskey High #1
Whiskey Idiot, The---
Whiskey Idiot, The #1
Whiskey Idiot---
whiskey idiot #1
Whiskey Myers - "Bar, Guitar And A Honky Tonk Crowd"
Whiskey Myers - "Turn It Up"
Whiskey, Nancy & Charles McDivitt Skiffle Group - "Freight Train"
Whiskey Rebels - "Pass The Ammo" 2:22 (Punk Rock Strike: Volume 4 comp) springman 2003
Whiskey Rebels - (TKO Records Presents: Sacramento Scene Report comp) tko 2005
Whiskey Rebels - (Whiskey Rebels) gmm 2001 Jimmy Calanchini
Whiskey Rebels---
Whiskey Rebels #1
Whiskey Rebels #2
Whiskey Sisters, The - "Home On The Highway" 4:21 tealzee 2013
Whiskey Sisters, The - "So Close To The Sun"
Whiskey Sunday - "Can't Hardly Wait" (We'll Inherit The Earth...A Tribute To The Replacements comp) 1234go 2006 r-The Replacements
Whiskey Sunday - (Maledico) 1234go 2005
Whiskey Sunday---
Whiskey Sunday #1
Whiskey Tango---
Whiskey Tango #1
Whiskeytown - "Battle, The" Ryan Adams
Whiskeytown - "Choked Up" (Lost & Found Volume 1 comp) losthighway 2003 or-Pneumonia sessions
Whiskeytown - "Don't Wanna Know Why" (Pneumonia) ("I just"/"When I breathe in breathe out")
Whiskeytown - "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight" : (Stranger's Almanac/Clay Pigeons film trk) outpost 1997 Ryan Adams ("Situation") w/Alejandro Escovedo
Whiskeytown - "Fifteen Days" (S A) ("Ghost has got me running"/"Away from you"/"Got sixteen days")
Whiskeytown - "In Town" (Stranger's Almanac) ("I feel fine for now")
Whiskeytown - "Jacksonville Skyline" (Mnemonia) 2001
Whiskeytown - "Losering" (Strangers Almanac) gef 1997 Ryan Adams p-Caitlin Cary
Whiskeytown - "Rain Won't Help You When It's Over" (Por Vida: A Tribute To The Songs Of Alejandro Escovedo comp) ormusic 2004 o-Alejandro Escovedo
Whiskeytown - "Sixteen (16) Days" (Stranger's Almanac/CMJ New Music Monthly - September 1997 comp) Outpost//cmj 1997 ("Well the ghost has got me running away from you")
Whiskeytown - "Song For You, A" o-Gram Parsons
Whiskeytown - "Waiting To Derail" 3:54
Whiskeytown - "Wither, I'm A Flower" (Hope Floats trk) cap 1998
Whiskeytown - "Yesterday's News" (Strangers Almanac) gef 1997 Ryan Adams p-Caitlin Cary
Whiskeytown - (Go Bye Bye Music) outpost 1999 w/James Iha
Whiskeytown - (No Depression: What It Sounds Like, Vol. 1 comp) dualtone 2004
Whiskeytown - (Pneumonia) losthighway 2001 Ryan Adams or-1998
Whiskeytown - (Tom T. Hall Tribute comp) delmore 1998 o-Tom T. Hall
Whiskeytown #1
Whiskeytown #2
Whiskeytown #3
Whiskeytown #4
Whiskeytown #5
Whiskeytown #6
Whisky Sam Band, The---
Whisky Sam Band, The #1
Whispers - "And The Beat Goes On" (Whispers) solar 1979
Whispers - "Are You Sorry" (single) 1955
Whispers - "Bingo" janus 1974
Whispers - "Dip, The" 1965
Whispers - "Fool Heart" (single) 1955
Whispers - "I Was Born When You Kissed Me" 1966
Whispers - "It's A Love Thing" solar 1981
Whispers - "Lady" (Whispers) solar 1980
Whispers - "Lost And Turned Out, (Olivia)" (Whispers) solar 1980
Whispers - "Make Sweet Love To Me" (Toast To The Ladies) cap
Whispers - "Miami" r-Will Smith
Whispers - "Mother For My Child, A" janus 1974
Whispers - "Planets Of Life" cyn
Whispers - "Rock Steady" 5:12 (Central Club Classics, Volume 1 comp) central station import ("Rockin till the break of dawn"/"And we begin to")
Whispers - "Runnin' (Lookin' For Some Action)" (Collision Course trk) cbs? 1999
Whispers - "Seems Like I Gotta Go Wrong" cyn
Whispers - "Time Will Come" cyn
Whispers ---
Whispers #1
Whispers Kill---
Whispers Kill #1
Whispers Of Wonder - (The First Year ep) standby 2012
Whispers, The - (Non-Stop Funk Party comp) therightstuff 2004 note-inspired by Bernie Mac Show or-
Whistle - "Just Buggin', (Nothin' Serious)" 1986
Whistleblower #1
Whistleking - "Don't Let Me Know" a-'Turn My Face' a-The Kings
Whistler (1) - "Don't Forget About Me Forever" (Faith In The Morning) wiiija 2001
Whistler (1) - "I Felt A Funeral" (Faith In The Morning) wiiija/bnq 2001 Kerry Shaw p-EMF
Whistler (1) - (Whistler) wiija/bnq 1999 w/Ian Dench (EMF)
Whistler (1)---
Whistler (1) #1
Whistler (1) #2
Whistler (1) #3
Whistler (2)---
Whistler (2) #1
Whitaker, David - "Strip Poker At Caesar's Palace" (Ouh La La!!... Vol. 1 comp) Disques Cosmogol France, 2000 import
Whitaker, Eloise - "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" 1981
Whitcomb, Ian - "N-E-R-V-O-U-S" (YouTurnMeOn) tower/cap 1965
Whitcomb, Ian - "Soho" jerden 1965
Whitcomb, Ian - "This Sporting Life" tower/cap 1965
Whitcomb, Ian - "You Turn Me On (Turn On Song)" 2:40 (You Turn Me On/Grass: The Soundtrack trk/25 Hits From The British Invasion comp) twr/cap//mrc//vrsrbnd 1965 w/Bluesville
Whitcomb, Ian - (Old Chestnuts & Rare Treats) itw 2006 Ian Whitcomb or-
Whitcomb, Ian - (The Cat's Meow trk) RCA Victor 2002
Whitcomb, Ian - (Words And Music [1967-2005]) itw 2006 Ian Whitcomb or-
Whitcomb, Ian---
Ian Whitcomb #1
White, Alan - (Ramshackled) woundedbird p-Yes
White And Schogger - "Who's That Girl?"
White, Andy - (Andy White) thirsty ear 2001
White, Andy - (Rave On Andy White) mca 1987
White, Andy - (Teenage) cooking vinyl 1997 Liam O'Maonlia
White, Andy---
Andy White #1
Andy White #2
White, Artie - "Doing The San Francisco" (The White EP [Artie, That Is]) tuffcity 1970's Artie White w/Andre Williams
White, Artie - "How Long"
White, Artie - "Love Like Yours, A" (The White EP [Artie, That Is]) tuffcity 1970's Artie White w/Andre Williams
White Ash Falls - (By The River Bend) Light Organ 2012
White Barons, The - (Spend The Night With The White Barons) gearhead 2007
White, Barry - "Baby, We Better Try To Get It Together" 20thc 1976
White, Barry - "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" (Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! trk/Wild Things film trk) aware/col/sny 1974 Barry White
White, Barry - "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" (Down To You trk/Whipped trk) csb//20thc//epc/sny//tvt 1974 Barry White r-Taylor Dayne 1993
White, Barry - "Come On" (The Icon Is Love) a&m 1994
White, Barry - "Honey Please, Can't You See" 20thc 1974
White, Barry - "I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing" 2:46 20thcent 1979
White, Barry - "I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To" 20thc 1975
White, Barry - "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Baby" 20thc 1973 Barry White r-Kellee Patterson
White, Barry - "I've Got So Much To Give" 20thc 1973
White, Barry - "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me" (Barry White Sings For Someone You Love) 20thc 1977 Barry White
White, Barry - "Let The Music Play" 20thc 1975
White, Barry - "Longer We Make Love, The" (Staying Power) priv 1999 Barry White w/Chaka Khan or Lisa Stansfield
White, Barry - "Love Is The Icon" (The Icon Is Love/Club Hopping comp) a&m//entertainmentweekly/warnerspecialproducts 1994
White, Barry - "Love's Theme" r-Rick Braun
White, Barry - "Low Rider" (Staying Power) private music 1999 Barry White o-War 1976
White, Barry - "Never, Never Gonna Give You Up" 20thc 1973
White, Barry - "Oh What A Night For Dancing" 20thc 1978
White, Barry - "Playing Your Game" (Barry White Sings For Someone You Love) mrc remixed by-Groove Armada
White, Barry - "Practice What You Preach" (The Icon Is Love) a&m 1994
White, Barry - "Put Me In Your Mix" 4:32 (Put Me In Your Mix) a&m 91
White, Barry - "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" (Staying Power/EdTV trk) prv/wdh 1999 Barry White o-Sly And The Family Stone
White, Barry - "Time Is Right, The" (The Icon Is Love) a&m 1994
White, Barry - "What Am I Gonna Do With You?" 20thc 1975
White, Barry - "You See The Trouble" rise 2000
White, Barry - "You're The First, The Last, My Everything" (The Bachelor trk/Date Movie trk) 20thc//rca//lakeshore 1974
White, Barry - "Your Sweetness Is My Weakness" 20thc 1978
White, Barry---
Barry White #1
White, Billy, Trio - "Surround You" (Empire Records trk) a&m 1995
White, Booker "Bukka" - "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues" okeh
White, Booker "Bukka" - "Shake 'Em On Down" vocalion 37/r-LZ
White, Brooke---
Brooke White #1
White, Bryan - "Someone Else's Star"
White, Bryan - "Still Life" (Between Now And Forever)
White, Bryan - "That's Another Song"
White Buffalo, The [1] - "One Lone Night" (Once Upon A Time In The West) a-Jake Smith
White Buffalo, The [1] - "Woods, The" (Hogtied Revisited) Jake Smith
White Buffalo, The [1]---
The White Buffalo #1
White Buffalo [2] - "Over The Souls" uns 2002 Phil Campbell
White Buffalo [2] - "Ziggy Stardust" (Come Again comp) cap 1998 o-David Bowie
White Buffalo [2]---EMAIL
White Buffalo [2]---
White Buffalo #1
White, Bukka - "District Attorney Blues"
White, Bukka - "Fixin' To Die Blues" 2:46 blues a-Booker T. Washington
White, Bukka - "Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die)" r-Robert Plant
White, Bukka - "Got Sick And Tired" (American Folk Blues Festival, 1962-1966 Vol. Three comp) rity/exphndrix-hipo 2004 or-
White, Bukka - "High Fever Blues"
White, Bukka - "Panama Unlimited" (When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 1: Walk Right In comp) bluebird/rca 2002 or-
White, Bukka - "Parchman Farm Blues" (Life film trk) 1930's Bukka White r-Jeff Buckley
White, Bukka - "Shake 'Em On Down" 1937 r-Mississippi Fred McDowell, R.L. Burnside, Bo Carter, Furry Lewis, David 'Honeyboy' Edwards
White, Bukka - "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain" (The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz comp) arhoolie 2000 trad. or-
White, Bukka - "Sleepy Man Blues"
White, Bukka - "Strange Place Blues"
White, Bukka - "When Can I Change My Clothes"
White, Bukka - (Big Daddy) shoutfactory 2004 Bukka 'Big Daddy' White or-1973
White, Bukka---
Bukka White #1
White, Caleb - uns 2000
White Caps - "Rock And Roll Saddles" (Rock And Roll Riot) w/Johnny Edwards
White, Charles 'Muscle' - blues
White, Charlie---
Charlie White #1
White Chocolate---
White Chocolate #1
White, Chyna - (Bad Blood) TVT 2003
White, Chyna - (The Apostle) TVT 2002
White, Clarence - "Alabama Jubilee" (Silver Meteor comp) sierra 1980
White, Clarence - "Last Thing On My Mind" (Silver Meteor comp) sierra 1980
White, Clarence - "Never-Ending Love" (Silver Meteor comp) sierra 1980
White, Clarence - "Tell Me Why You Been Gone So Long" (Silver Meteor comp) sierra 1980
White, Clarence---
Clarence White #1
White Clover - "Keep Your People Dancing"
White Collar Crime---
White Collar Crime #1
White Collar Riot---
White Collar Riot #1
White Courtesy Telephone---
White Courtesy Telephone #1
White Cross---
White Cross #1
White, Danny - (Beautifully Preserved Wrecks) 1999
White Demons, The - (Say Go) sonicswirl 2006
White Denim - "Drugs" (D) downtown 2011
White Denim - "I Start To Run"
White Denim - "Let's Talk About It" (Workout Holiday) fulltimehobby 2008 James Petralli
White Denim - "Street Joy"
White Denim - (Fits) downtown 2010 James Petralli
White Denim---
White Denim #1
White Diamond - "American Dreamer"
White Diamond - "It's Just Another Day"
White Diamond - "Symbol Of Love"
White Diamond - (The Lost Demos: 1988-1990) Don Lemmon
White Diamond---EMAIL Don Lemmon at
White Diamond---
White Diamond #1
White Diamond #2
White Diamond #3
White Diamond #4
White Diamond #5
White, Don - "'Lijah" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 4 comp)
White, Don - "Stupid" (Dr. Demento's Basement Tapes No. 8 comp)

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